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Eiman Al Zaabi—An Inspiration to Millions

Among the many battles that youngsters of today are fighting is the battle of depression. Medical breakthroughs to overcome this condition entirely are still to come. Yet a woman from the United Arab Emirates stumbled onto a path that led her out of her struggle with depression.

Eiman Al Zaabi completed her undergraduate degree and later went on to earn her MBA as well. When she was in her twenties, however, Eiman began to suffer from anxiety and depression. What initially seemed to be a consequence of ordinary stress was later deemed to be a mental health condition.

Life through Hell Eiman had already begun her career when she found herself stuck in a dark tunnel. For seven straight years, she tried every medical treatment possible, but all in vain. In the midst of her despair, a door opened as she moved to the last possible remedy—getting in touch with her spiritual side.

The Ray of Light Eiman embarked on a journey of inquiry and exploration that eventually brought her to a place of contentment and joy. The darkened days were soon illuminated by the light that dawned on her as she stepped into the realm of understanding and self-awareness. After so many years of searching, she found peace and tranquility in following the true principles of Islam. Eiman’s depression lifted as she finally became enlightened.

The Art of Surrender Eiman did not want to keep such a powerful message to herself. She knew that there were hundreds of thousands of people out there who were suffering from the same kind of chronic depression. To reach out to those people and to share how she found her way out of her misery, Eiman wrote a book, The Art of Surrender: A Practical Guide to Enlightened Happiness and Well-Being. It was released in the United States and attracted the interest of Western readers. In her book, Eiman describes how living according to the core essence of Islam guided her through her difficult time. Eiman now works as a spiritual teacher and a life coach in pursuit of spreading her wisdom to Western audiences. She explains that by fully surrendering to the singular, all-powerful Divine—the central teaching upon which the book is based—she became empowered and content. She explains that being your truest self allows you to heal past traumas and shows you the way home from even the darkest place. Eiman’s life and her book is a source of inspiration for people across the globe. Learn more about her through her website, www.eimanalzaabi.com.

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