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Be careful when Watering Plants with Sugar Water, safe watering solutions

Sugar can absorb water and thus will prevent the roots from taking beneficial nutrients from the ground. Therefore, if you are planning to Water the Tree with Sugar Water or fruit juices you need to be vigilant because this will slow down the growth of the plant. And the article below will explain in detail about this, information provided by Claber - the brand of genuine irrigation equipment from Italy.

Should I Water the Tree with Sugar Water?

Water is a necessity for all plants, but not all types of water can be used to irrigate plants. Choosing the wrong water source, using poor quality irrigation water can slow the growth of plants and cause a host of pest problems. And one of the mistakes that growers often make is the habit of Watering Plants with Sugar Water.

Currently, many households are taking advantage of their family's surplus fruit juices to take care of flowers and ornamental plants in the house without knowing that the juice is only good for health but is detrimental to the plants. grow. The reason scientists have given is that fruit juice contains a large amount of sugar and plants will not need sugar to grow.

When the sugar is too large, it will seep back into the soil and around the plant's root system. Sugar will absorb water and at this time the roots will not be able to absorb nutrients from the ground and the plant may slow down, even die if the amount of sugar that you fertilize the plant is too much, fertilizing for too long. long.

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If you use sugar water to irrigate the entire plant including the leaves and stems, the amount of sugars on the leaves can lure bees and harm the plant. This is especially dangerous with fruit trees such as melon, gourd, cucumber ... because bees can come to suck sugar and put on the fruit, making the fruit unable to grow, thereby reducing the harvest.

In addition, Watering Plants with Sugar Water with citrus juices containing high acid content will not be beneficial for green plants. And this type of water if irrigated to the tree will kill the plant in a short time because the plant has no resistance, is sick with fungus and attracts disease-causing insects ...

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Select a water source for safe watering

Sugar or sugar containing water is not suitable for the care of crops. Therefore, we should not take advantage of the family's surplus drinks to fertilize the plants. And for plants to grow green, you need to pay attention to choosing a safe and suitable water source for plants.

The following suggestions are sure to help:

- Choose clean water sources to irrigate plants, especially ornamental plants because clean water does not contain impurities harmful to plants, minimizes pollution of the soil and air environment and limits pests and diseases. grow harmful plants.

- You can take advantage of all natural water sources such as rain water, water, ponds and rivers, but let the water pass through the filtration system, which can be home-made filter tanks ... to ensure clean and absolutely good water for plants. green family.

- If you want to save water for irrigation, instead of Watering Plants with excess sugar water, you can use water to wash rice, vegetable wash water, food washing water ... every day because this water contains essential nutrients. for taller crops.

- Do not use early rainwater in the beginning of the season, especially when you live in heavy industrial zones because the possibility of water being contaminated is very high and can affect all parts such as leaves, stems, and roots ...

- In dry areas and during the dry season months, tree growing households need solutions to save and store irrigation water for long-term use. And one of the best options presented is choosing the right watering method.

Safe sharing of watering solutions

The technique of watering plants slowly, directly watering the roots and roots is currently a safe watering solution to be implemented. This irrigation technique is suitable for growing large trees in extreme weather conditions, lack of rain. The use of per-stem drip irrigation devices for slow watering can have the following effects:

- Helping farmers and tree growers reduce labor costs by over 50% but increase the yield, quality and yield of agricultural products to double or even triple.

- Saving water for irrigation over 40% and in some cases saving up to 70%. Easy to take care of plants in all terrains from plains to mountainous terrain, hillsides. See more ways to save water in the article Water saving problems when operating a modern Irrigation Equipment

- The form of watering slowly with a small amount of water and low water pressure will not cause erosion, leaching of soil and nutrients in the ground, thereby helping plants grow stably in the long run. Natural resource protection.

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