What Features & Appearance Should A Good Computer Desk Have?

1. Materials Should Be Healthy And Environmentally Friendly

The first thing to consider when buying a computer desk is the material. The computer desk usually uses a block board, also known as big circuit board as material. To determine the quality of big circuit board, the simplest method is to look at its appearance.

The outermost appearance of big circuit board is a single board, and a high-quality single board’s thicker than 0.35 mm. Generally, the single board produced by regular manufacturers are double-sided sanded, the appearance is flat, the layout is smooth, and there is no obvious color difference on the surface. The inferior big circuit board is not well produced due to the production process. The surface is often rough, burr, unevenness, and even with insect holes.

Tips: When checking the flatness, you should touch it with hands. The stronger the smoothness is, the better the surface processed.

Nowadays, the materials on the market are relatively various, such as wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc. These materials have their own characteristics, but they must be built on the premise of sturdiness and practicality.

Specifically, it should be environmentally friendly and with no odor. The surface coating should have the characteristics of fade-resistant and scratch-resistant. As we would constantly touch it, it is very important to be healthy and environmentally friendly.


It’s not only one word or two can describe how to be environmentally friendly, no matter material or effecting environment elements (temperature, humidity, ventilation), this is another subject.

2.Ergonomic, and Multifunctional

The computer desk must be ergonomic. The size of the computer desk should be in line with our height, the height of the chair and our figure. As you might use computer in living room, bedroom, bed, etc, you may need various height. Then choose a multi-function computer desk that can be freely rotated and adjusted, you can adjust it according to different online environment and different postures at any time, thus avoid us to maintain a posture for a long time, causing lumbar vertebrae, cervical vertebrae, hand joints ache and so on! Which can effectively protect our health.

Then it comes to storage, such as this computer desk, is characterized by the ability to hold a variety of messy things, suitable for office workers~

3 Color Match

Have you ever seen the ugliest computer desk?

This counts one?

And add an executive office chair like this, too crazy,isn’t it?

Computer desk should be coordinate with the overall room. Now many furniture purchasers are young people, they are in fond of light fresh colour, so the color of the computer better not be too dark. Dark furniture may affect the light of the entire house, and also has a certain impact on the mood.

Recommend natural wood color.


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What Features & Appearance Should A Good Computer Desk Have?

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