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Meet one of the famous Urologist

According to a study conducted in the United States on 4,200 adult males, 56% of men had no satisfaction with their penis size and liked to enlarge it. On the other hand, there is no drug with a definitive effect on enlarging its size, and it seems that the drugs that are being widely advertised are merely commercial. The turnover of the industry formed for this issue has been reported to be over two hundred billion dollars annually around the world. This proves that penis size is important for many women and, therefore, for men. However, why is it so? Considering female genital anatomy, the vaginal wall is composed of many nerves, which are sensitive to pressure. As a result, the more pressure, the more the women get excited and eventually reach orgasm.

However, how long a penis should be to be able to do this?

To find an accurate answer for this question, we come to the office of one of most famous urologists in the United States, Dr. Johny Hendrix, who invented a method for enlarge the penis size.

Dr. Hendrix, please introduce yourself fully and explain more about this method.

-I am Dr. Johny Hendrix, Urologist from the University of UCLA. Years ago, when I graduated from college and began working, I noticed that most of my clients are men who have problems with their penis size. Surprisingly, at least 30 men out of 50 had such a problem. Therefore, I decided to spend my professional life trying to find a definitive way to increase the penis size.

- Is there any drug for this?

There are some drugs and gels, which are being widely advertised, but they are only commercial, and so far, they have not been proven effective.

How does your method work and how effective is it?

The method I developed in 2006 requires no medication and device, and it's merely a series of special exercises that should be done step-by-step by the patient and each month. At least one centimeter and a maximum of three centimeters increase in length can be obtained, depending on the body of each person. The basis of this method is to increase the cell production of sponge tissue and its success rate is more than 90%. The highest gain I achieved by this method was 8 cm in length and 3.5 cm in diameter. One of the advantages of this method is that the increased blood supply to the penis area improves the erection, and the person will have an erect penis like his teenage. More than 10,000 people have been treated by this method in my office, and thousands of people gained access to my online guidelines to increase their penis size.

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