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Features of Magento that makes it most suited for small businesses

The rising need of every business to gain an online presence has driven every small businesses to seek for a custom ecommerce website. Also, for small, budding businesses, where resources are low, doing business online costs less when compared to the costs incurred in retail businesses

So, it is no wonder that many small businesses are now launching their webshops. The key step for launching one’s webshop is to first decide which platform is suitable. All eCommerce platforms have their own drawbacks and upsides.

For small business owners it is a great deal of dilemma to choose one out of so many. All the eCommerce development companies offer varying suggestions and that does not help at all.

So, instead of debating over this topic, I would suggest that you straight away choose Magento as your reliable platform for your eCommerce website.

What is the reason for this?

The short answer is - it is a platform that is designed specially for eCommerce and also, there are many benefits that are desirable for small businesses. All of the significant features that Magento development has to offer are listed below.

Why should small businesses choose Magento?

Open source

For a small business, budget is a very significant issue. Costs are cut down in every possible way. So, when it comes to developing a web shop with a very small budget to spend, Magento is a go-to choice as it has a lot of flexibility. Sure, there are other open source options like WooCommerce and Prestashop. But all those have very limited functionality when compared to Magento. The open source version of Magento can easily help you build an effective webshop while you may need to opt for the paid version of other platforms to achieve a similar functionality.

Mobile friendly by default

Small businesses do not have enough resources to be able to launch a mobile app of the webshop simultaneously. So, most small businesses prefer to have a webshop that is highly responsive and is compatible with any screen size. This feature is offered by default by Magento. Any webshop built on Magento is highly responsive and mobile friendly. So, there is no need to spend extra time on trying to design a responsive webshop as any theme or customisation you pick in Magento, responsiveness is already there.

High customisation and flexibility

For an open source, Magento has a far more flexibility than anyone can expect. By choosing a skilled Magento development agency to build your webshop, you can surely design an impressive webshop, just the way you envisioned it. The key feature of Magento is that you get a full control of designing in your hand and thereby, you can brand the webshop according to your business needs.

In-built SEO and analytics

While you are handling a small business which has to strive and grow amongst all the competitors, the key is a significant online presence. For this, search engine optimisation and regular analytics is very important. Magento is a platform that is very SEO-friendly and thereby lets you analyse and optimise your online presence easily.

Summing up

The Magento platform has many impressive features to offer other than those mentioned above. Also, if you have a small business, it is bound to expand in future and your webshop will need to be extended too. This can be easily done in Magento without having to upset the already designed webshop.

Could an eCommerce platform be more convenient?

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