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7 Indispensable Professional Waxing Supplies And How To Make Them Last Long

An esthetician as partly as good as the waxing supplies she uses. Of course, there’s skill and knowledge but as I said, your success is partly because of the quality of the waxing accessories you use. If you are planning on stepping into the professional world of beauty and salon, there’s one thing that’s irreplaceable for success is customer experience.

And the truth is, a client will not be a repeat customer if your waxing supplies are not on-point regardless of your abilities. Thus, along with being an esthetician with a wand, you have to make sure that you have all your accessories in their perfect shape.

It is also true that you have to consider the costs of running the place so using them as long as you could may be your prime goal. So we will not only discuss the essential professional waxing supplies you need but also how you can make them last longer for a thorough use.

1. Wax: The Absolute Accessory Of Course But Which?

It goes without saying that wax is the prime accessory for professional waxing but which wax would you use? You’ll say, the best wax that’s available, right?

Of course, every professional esthetician plans on using the best wax for their clients but there are a few parameters you must consider.

First, the cost of a wax may not always be proportional to its quality. You have to experiment on your own to find the diamond out of the dirt.

Secondly, it is extremely important to know your prospective clients and their choice of wax. Keep your inventory stocked according to your sales. Many women choose to use sugar waxes despite the fascinating results of hard wax.

Whichever type of wax you think your customers would prefer, you must buy from the best brand.

Tips On Making It Last Longer:

● Every wax works well at a certain consistency. You have to maintain that consistency while heating. Thicker or thinner than the recommended consistency could require more than the necessary amount of wax.

● You must be proficient in the application technique. If you are an amateur, you must learn the tactics of applying the wax so that there’s a minimum waste of wax with a wrongful and repetitive application.

2. Wax Heater: The Second Most Important Accessory

You can use oven or stove to heat you are wax unless you are a professional. I don’t need to mention that wax heaters are an absolute necessity for estheticians.

However, you must choose the heater smartly. A common heater may not work for both, soft and hard waxes. So, make sure you have a set of heaters. The only thing that you must keep in mind about heaters is that you have to keep it spotless for a new client that enters the room for your services.

Tips On Making It Last Longer:

● Avoid overheating the wax as it tends to stain the warmer permanently

● Place paper collars around the warmer to keep it safe from accidental dripping

● Always use oils and wax strips to clean the warmers thoroughly and make it a habit to end your day with the cleaning of the warmer.

3. Wax Strips: An Accessory That Gives You A Choice

The industry has grown to a point where waxing strips are no longer a must-needed supply for the process. If you offer soft waxing services at your salon then yes, you might need to choose between cotton and synthetic strip options. But if you are only hard waxing salon, you will not need them.

Tips On Making It Last Longer:

● Use predetermined sized wax strips for different areas to avoid wastage of strips.

4. Pre-waxing Lotions: Important and Efficient

Waxing is already a daunting experience for women because of the pain but there are a lot of ways to make it less of a nightmare. Our skin is always the home for dust, oils, and other unclean subjects. Application of any wax without cleaning the area would increase the friction between the wax and the skin resulting in more pain and breakage of hairs.

So, using pre-depilatories is an important part of the process when you are using hard wax on the client. In the case of soft waxes, you must not use oils but just water to make the skin wax-ready.

Tips On Making It Last Longer:

● Efficient use of the lotion is the key to make it last longer.

5. Post-Waxing Lotions: Numerous Options Available

Clients don’t like to leave salons all sticky and if you make this mistake of letting the customer go without cleaning the wax residue from the skin, you may lose your client.

Thus, for a better customer experience, it is important you use post-wax lotion to wipe off the wax residue. It is not necessary to use this accessory if you are using soft wax as it is water soluble and can be cleaned off using a sponge.

In case of hard wax, this is a must-use product as these waxes are not water soluble.

Tips On Making It Last Longer:

● Efficient use of the lotion is the key to make it last longer.

6. Spatulas: Belongs To Necessary Section

Wax applicators such as spatulas are inevitable as they are used to apply the wax on the skin. Wooden spatulas come in various sizes for ideal application according to the area it needs to cover.

Tips On Making It Last Longer:

● Spatulas are used abundantly but all you can do is use a quality product for a thorough experience.

7. Aloe-Vera Gel: Amazing Addition

Like I said, waxing is a painful experience for some and you must do everything in your power to make it less irritating. Aloe Vera is an on-point solution to give a soothing feel to the freshly waxed skin.

Use this gel especially on brows and face after waxing. Make sure you don’t rub it excessively as it might get uncomfortable.

Tips On Making It Last Longer:

● Avoid applying thick layers.

In all, these are some of the accessories that you need for a satisfactory waxing experience. Relying on good brands such as Starpil is important for delivering results.

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