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The Features of Volumetric Concrete Mixers

On the ingredients and the mixing, the recipe for making good quality concrete relies. Often mixed at industrial facilities, many concrete companies offer a 'ready-mix' formula and in concrete mixer trucks, then shipped on demand to work-sites.

There are situations that call for a more cost effective and versatile solution, whilst this method of concrete mixing with Vacuum deaerator works well in many situations.

In a specific quantity ready-mixed concrete is loaded onto a concrete mixer truck, which is the problem with it and that means to that quantity on the fly, changes cannot be made. You would need to place another order if you suddenly find the amount you have ordered is insufficient, and on another truck, wait for that batch to be delivered.

To conventional mixers, a much more flexible option is offered by volumetric concrete mixers as they allow for on-site mixing of your concrete in Ribbon mixer. As there is less wastage, it’s a much more precise method of ordering concrete and whilst the truck is on-site, you can alter the quantity you need.

You will never have this problem with a volumetric concrete mixer and excess concrete can be hard to dispose of. You can do so easily and without delaying your project whether you need to increase or decrease your order.

Mix on the Fly and Changes to Quantities

A volumetric concrete mixer is a big advantage when many projects call for different mixes and grades of concrete with Ribbon blender. Including screed and mortar, Able to deliver and mix all mixes and grades of concrete, and on the same day where and when you need it, these versatile machines allow all of your concrete to be delivered.

Ordering different mixes and grades from different companies turning a simple job into a logistical nightmare is meant by the alternative often. Ensuring your project runs like clockwork volumetric concrete mixers make life easier without any concrete delivery delays.

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