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All Information That You Want to Know About Marine Oil

Marine oils are used for lubricating the various parts of machinery, crankcase, cylinders and other parts of engines and their components. The two main types of marine diesel engines include the trunk piston engine and the crosshead engine. The crankcase and the cylinder are separated by a partition in a crosshead marine diesel engine. When the piston moves downwards, the pressure reaches to the crankshaft via a connecting rod and piston rod. But in a trunk piston marine diesel engine (or a 4 stroke engine) there is no separation between the crankcase and cylinder. The pressure gets directly transmitted to the engines by the connecting rod and is then to the crankcase, just like in the automotive engines. There is a longer stroke in the crosshead marine diesel engines and here the lubricating oil is fed separately into the crankcase and the cylinder liner.

Types of Marine Oils

Marine oils are termed as cylinder oil when they are used in a cylinder liner, but when the oil lubricates all of the components of a crankcase it is called as marine system oil. Below is some more information about the Marine oils.

Alkalinity- The main or primary engine oil is responsible for liner and piston lubrication in the four-stroke engines. This oil should be alkaline so that acidic corrosion does not occur. But in case of the two-stroke engines, different lube oil grades may be used for the crankcase and the cylinder liner. The alkalinity of this oil will depend on the particular grade of engine fuel used.

Marine Oils for 2 Strokes or Cross Head Engines

Residual fuels may be burnt in the crosshead engines and these systems have separate lubricant flows for crankcase lubrication and cylinder lubrication. The crankcase lubricant marine oil should have some alkalinity along with dispersant properties so that undesired reduces are cleaned away. They should also have better oxidative and thermal properties because there may be higher temperatures involved with the piston. The alkaline crankcase marine oil will protect the internal components and part of the engine against corrosive agents.

The leading and renowned marine oil and lubricant manufacturers in Gulf have the requisite expertise, extensive resources, advanced technology, and research and development facilities to bring you the highest grade marine and lube oil specific and suitable for your engines and machinery.


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