Understanding the Symptoms of CHF in Dogs

CHF is a common disease in dogs. However, timely treatment can save the pet from acute suffering. Pet parents must therefore, be aware of the symptoms associated with CHF. Here’s an insight into the same.

It was distressing to watch the ever playful, jumpy and lovable Monty on the hospital bed suffering with pain and stress. Thankfully, he was saved. He was alive and breathing. The vet diagnosed him with CHF. It was shocking.

CHF in pets

Monty and I have travelled a journey of ten years together. He is my best friend and companion in joy and sorrow. I could not believe that my furry pooch was suffering with heart diseases. My mind was clouded with multiple questions about his survival and treatment. What bothered me most was whether I ignored the significant murmur which now turned into a loud noise.

Yes, I had.

Although CHF is common in most senior dogs, the symptoms can be alleviated before they take a gigantic form. It is therefore, important for pet owners to be aware of the clinical signs of CHF. The most common and prominent sign of CHF is persistent coughing and difficulty in breathing. Well; it could be a regular cough caused due to weather fluctuations. However, it is advisable to visit the vet when the cough goes beyond its mild form.

CHF refers to the heart’s inability to pump blood into the body. Some blood may therefore, leak into the lungs, thereby causing persistent cough and inability to breathe. Coughing even robs their sleep. Sleepless nights, muscle wasting and weight loss are also tell tale signs of CHF in dogs. CHF also reduces the dog’s stamina. Therefore, dogs suffering with CHF may be lethargic and reluctant to play and walk.

An otherwise bubbly dog may seem distressed and unhappy. So, although these signs are common to a host of diseases, it is advisable to visit the vet on observing these in your four legged companion. Timely action can save your pooch from further suffering.

Well; regular administration of Vetmedin for dogs has brought back my bubbly Monty back. However, you may not be able to bring your pooch back when CHF is left untreated.

So, keep your eyes open for the signs and visit the vet immediately. If he prescribes Vetmedin, it is easily available at Petrx2go.

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