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V Cup Menstrual Cup: A True Period Friend

Menstrual care is not limited with taking enough rest or changing pads in every three to four hours. The true meaning of menstrual care means the use of trusted and healthy products. V Cup Menstrual Cup is one of the most reliable period care products that every woman should keep their eyes on. Here is the detailed symposium about how this cup will be of assistance during your periods. • Keeps You Active – The time periods arrive, every woman gets stuck with the bed. The major drawback of periods nowadays is the lack of activity. Sanitary napkins and cloth pads do not allow one in staying active during the time of bleeding. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most of your time even during the periods, then V Cup Menstrual Cup will help you out. The cup is designed in ball shape which makes easy insertion as well as removal too. So, you can stay rest free and active all round the clock. • Leak Free Protection – Leakage is among the severe concern of women during the monthly periods. No matter how expensive or good quality sanitary pads one is using, there is no guarantee of stains. But with this menstrual cup, you will inevitably not encounter any such situation. Here the cup will stay inside the vagina and will not leak from anywhere. Furthermore, it has the capacity to hold the bleeding for around 12 hours in total. • Certified – Using a new product for periods itself gets attached with a series of predicament. Health problems and safety are two major concerns here. The V Cup Menstrual Cup will satisfy you as it is certified and registered under the FDA. The products come with a 100% guarantee as it is made of natural silicone. So, there will be no health issues or skin infection while using this particular menstrual cup. • Eco-friendly – These menstrual cups are genuinely an eco-friendly product. The waste blood will not get infused in sanitary napkins or cloths; instead, it will get flushed out. With this process, a lot of disposable waste will get reduced, and at the same time, women will get to enjoy a healthy and mess-free period. If you are still apprehensive about the use and safety of V Cup Menstrual Cup, then Hygieneandyou will help you out. We have gathered the best quality menstrual cups that you can try and protect yourself from harmful health issues. Connect with us now at

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