How to create an internship resume!

Applying for and getting an internship as a student is an integral part of developing your future prospects in the field of your choice. However, writing down an internship resume can be a testing task but there is a silver lining to it.

Since you are applying for an internship, you are not expected to have tons of experience in the relevant field. Before you begin your internship resume, it is always advised to go through some college student resume examples to have a clear idea of what is expected.

Here we share a few guidelines to help you in writing the perfect internship resume.

Internship Resume Should Be Short and Sweet

As mentioned before, you are applying for an internship which means that nobody expects you to have a lot of experience on your hands. This also means that your resume should be short and concise. It should not be more than a page long and only relevant information should be put in it.

There is no need to go beyond one page for your resume. Otherwise, chances are that your prospective employers will most likely glaze over it.

It Should Be Tailored to The Internship You Are Looking for!

Furthermore, an important thing to remember when jotting down your internship resume is that it should be focused and specific to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for an internship in hospitality, your past experience as a barista in a cafe will be considered a plus point as opposed to your experience of working in a clinic.

Do not shy away from playing up your positive experiences relevant to the field.

Avoid Using Generic Statements

Your internship resume should not contain typical and generic statements that are vague. This creates a very poor impression of one-size-fits-all resume. Furthermore, it also gives the impression that you have not put in effort in writing down the resume.

Give a personal touch to your resume and do not be shy when it comes to showcasing your strengths and skills. As well as how they can add to the company’s benefits in the long run.

Show and Tell

One of the best ways to catch the attention of the hiring personnel is to create a resume that not only gives a written description but ends up showing it too. Using the correct terminologies and playing up your relevant experience, you can actually create a brand around yourself. However, keep in mind that you don’t go overboard with it.

Never Use Your Personal Email Address in a Resume

A college student resume for internship should not contain a personal email address. It is better to use your school/college email address. This gives a professional touch to the resume.

It is not recommended that you give out your social media information on the resume until and unless you use it for work purposes.

An Internship is a Stepping Stone in the Field of Your Choice and Writing Down the Perfect Resume Can Help You in Achieving Your Goals!

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