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5 Important Plumbing Tools That Every Home Must Have

Plumbing issues are like surprise visitors to your home; it can arrive anytime and spoil your peace of mind. Generally, people are fond of fixing the plumbing issue themselves at first and then, if needed, ring up a licensed plumber in Mandurah. If you are such a homeowner who likes to investigate the plumbing problem before an expert plumber arrives, having certain plumbing tools in your house is a must. Remember, these tools are not the permanent solution in all cases; some minor plumbing issues can be easily fixed with these tools but if the problem seems to be beyond your capabilities, it is better to call for a professional plumber.

What are the must-have plumbing tools in your home?

1. Adjustable wrench- It must be known to you that the plumbing system comprises many nuts and bolts. An adjustable wrench is a handy tool that helps you to change the size of the grip and can be used on various fittings as well as keeps the jaw locks into the place that averts it from slipping while you work. For more flexibility, it is good to have both 6 inch and 10 inch models. The former will allow you to reach small spaces more easily while the latter one will help you to access greater distance conveniently.

2. Plunger- A plunger is perhaps the most important tool (and the best of course!) for any blocked drain plumber in Mandurah. Needless to say, it is also one of the must-have tools in a home too. If you have minor clogs in the drain, all you need is a plunger because this tool works wonders for small drain blockages. So don’t hesitate to buy a good quality plunger because you never know when you might encounter a drain clog!

3. Pipe wrench- This is a tool that is mainly used to either tighten or loosen the fittings on large pipes. It is important to know that you need to buy two pipe wrenches, one to hold the pipe tightly and the other to turn the bolts of the pipes. When using a pipe wrench, it is advisable to cover the pipe with a cloth since the mouth of the pipe wrenches is indented and by covering the pipe with a cloth, you can avoid the pipe from getting scratches.

4. Tongue-and-groove pliers- If you want to have a firm grip on any small part and your fingers are ineffective in doing so, you can do it with pliers. Most of the professional plumbers in Mandurah use a small plier that has ragged jaws as this type proves to be the most useful for gripping small parts. So make sure you have a tongue-and-groove plier in your plumbing toolkit.

5. Metal file- The main purpose of a file is to smoothen a rough edge of anything. Similarly, a metal file is used to smoothen out the edges of a pipe and other hardware after they have been cut. By making the rough edges smooth, you will minimize the risk of cutting yourself accidentally. The most common files that are used for ordinary plumbing jobs at home are a half-round file and a round rat-tail file.

Conclusion- These are the five most important tools that you should keep in your household plumbing kit. Moreover, a plumber will take minimum time to come to your house and treat the problem. By having these tools, it becomes possible to temporarily manage the problem until your trusted plumber comes to the rescue!

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