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10 Mistakes to Avoid in Dental Marketing

Good marketing practices can increase your client base, make returning customers out of your current clientele build and position your brand identity above your competition.

Mistakes in your marketing plan can drive away your existing clients, failing to bring in any new clients. And an undesirable and unprofessional brand image that makes your competitors look more worthy without any reason.

Listed below are the 10 Dental Marketing Mistakes that you should definitely avoid.

1. Poor front door signage

Front door signage is like a tireless worker, positioned right outside your dental practice & inviting every passerby in your office or at least making them aware of your 24/7 presence. Poor front door signage could mean signage that is not easily readable, for reasons such as fancy fonts, too small or too big font size, cluttering, lousy color combination or because it's poorly lit. Remember I said 24/7, that includes several hours of darkness. Well-illuminated signage can serve it's purpose at night time too.

2. Inconsistent Branding

Your dental practice is a brand in itself, and it should have an identity of its own. It is best if your online branding and offline branding are in sync, using the same logos and fixed color palette. Inconsistent branding confuses the consumers and is an obstacle in the path of brand loyalty. The only way to ensure that doesn't happen is to make sure that the message remains the same.

3. Unprofessional Website design

Yes you can hop onto a free web hosting site and pick a pre-designed Dental Website Template to create a website for your practice. Let me share the downsides of doing so, it's not going to get you a proper .com domain, no custom design, and will be limiting the amount and quality of content you can upload.A professional can deliver slick Dental Websites Design that will immediately set you apart from your competition. It's also wise from the 'Return on Investment' and 'Return on Time' perspective. A professional will take less time and know how to get the maximum benefit out of your budget. Instead of going through the steep learning curve where you will have to sift through the vast amount of information yourself. It is best you hire a professional who is experienced in the best practices and can bring them to you for a fair price.

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4. No SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You have a great website with quality content, but your site isn't getting any traffic? For it to reach your target audience, your content needs to be search engine optimized. Including relevant keywords and Geo-tagging, your content increases your website rating and brings your content to the top of the search results. No SEO = No Traffic to your website.

5. Spreading yourself thin on Social Media

Social media can mean easy online marketing for dentists. One of the biggest mistakes that dentist make is to try and be on every social media platform. You have to identify the social media platforms that work for your niche and focus on those. Ideally, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all linked to each other so that the content you post on one connects with audiences across platforms saving you the time and effort of individually posting on each platform.

6. HIPAA non-compliance

Often when posting on social media professionals end up using content, words, and phrases that are not in keeping with the health insurance portability and accountability act. Your Social media practices should be HIPPA Compliant to ensure that the content does not end up flagged and taken down for a violation. Also saving you, from legal consequences, due to non-compliance.

7. Failure to use office phone as a marketing tool

your office phone is a marketing tool sitting in your office. When a prospective patient calls enquiring about your services and charges is your staff informing them about all related services and informing them in detail. When a potential client seeks service charge details it is evident that money is a deciding factor for them, is your staff telling them of the financing options available or the insurance plans you accept.

These nuggets of information can be vital in helping the patient pick between you and your competition. If you are charging higher for a particular service because you are using an enhanced form of technology for precision diagnosis or treatment make sure your staff shares that information when a client enquires instead of just sharing the charges. They should know that their hard earned money is buying them superior service.

8. No email list or dental patient follow-up plan

Not communicating with your patients can be detrimental to your practice. Having an email database of clients ensures that you have a ready target audience that you can engage with time to time with newsletters or emails that highlights your achievements and any new services. Following up with your patients about their experience and feedback about visits to your office helps you improve and lets them know that their opinion matters to you.

If a patient is supposed to return for an appointment in two weeks a short call from your office to remind them of the scheduled visit is thoughtful. These practices help build long-lasting dentist-patient relationships.

9. Call to action statement

Only informing people about your practice and services is not going to help increase your bottom line. You need to tell them what to do with this information. A call to action statement serves this very purpose.

10. Not seeking peer referrals

There is a treasure trove of referrals clients hiding in your peer group. Not all your peer professionals are your competition. In all likelihood, you know a handful of cardiologist and gastroenterologist that have patients with dental issues. By overlooking this fact, you are losing out on potential clients. If you can just open up to the idea of asking for patient referrals from these peers your client base would start to grow organically. A patient places a lot of trust in their doctor and when their trusted doctor recommends a dentist(you) the patient automatically transfer this trust relationship to you.


Marketing when used wisely can give your practice the much-needed kickstart and benefits in terms of increased return on investment and return on time. To maximise benefits you need to avoid the key mistakes that could negatively impact your marketing strategy.


This article focus on top 10 dental marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. This article endeavors to educate the reader about dental marketing mistakes and help them avoid those successfully to get the best out of their dental marketing plan.

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