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Free VPN: The 3 Best Services and Why You should Use them

Your privacy online can be ensured using free VPN. Discover the benefits of private navigation networks and 3 best free VPN services.

Do you know what is a virtual private network (VPN) and how can you help yourself to transfer personal information to the Internet? If you still do not know what this is, we explain. It's easier to use more and help keep your privacy in the online world. Whether a free VPN may be essentially on individual or even at the enterprise level. More often

VPN: What is this and what is it?

A VPN is a network that has two main advantages: virtual and private. It's virtual, because it's a network that rotates the "top" of the traditional network. This is private, because communication is hidden through it, which guarantees data privacy in circulation.

A user setting a VPN connection is protected from secure, and above all private, communication channels. You can only search for Google, but you want to keep this data hidden. To do this, it uses a encryption and certification techniques, which creates a VPN - to ensure secure data conversion.

After setting up a VPN connection, a private network is generated on the normal network - is usually used and where users have navigation. For example, if you are a student at a university / school and need access to the services that are internally available, you will need to create a VPN so that you can reach them far away. Can.

It is possible to establish a VPN if entered into a professional context. Let's work for the company that has more than one branch office in the country, and that company wants to establish a connection between two points - just create a VPN, which is inaccessible costs Means and is extremely reliable (ideal for sharing hidden data).

3 free VPN options

Hotspot shield

It is one of the most popular and used free VPN services worldwide. There are two versions available: Payment and Free. First of all, you can access content available in 25 countries, but the number of places is limited to free versions. This service offers 500MB traffic daily and easy to use.


This is a very versatile and intuitive service. With this software, you can browse privately in both desktop and mobile environments. In this case, there are free and paid versions, first to 500MB monthly traffic.


This free VPN service is also a compliant version, which has a monthly traffic reaching 10 GB. Although not available for Android, allows you to choose Navigation from eight different remote servers.

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