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Roberto Hroval Introduces the Solution for Waste to Energy Conversion - Product Reincarnation Technology ™

Roberto Hroval, the founder of PatentReal Corporation, is the latest big news in today's world. With his wonderful innovations, he is soon going to rule this planet.

Where people today are leisurely spoiling the mother Earth with waste and pollution, Roberto Hroval is working day in and out to save this planet from dying. With his back to back amazing inventions, I would call Roberto Hroval the mastermind of saving this planet.

Recently, he and his company have announced their latest ground breaking innovation, the launch of a waste to energy solution. This solution is called Product Reincarnation Technology™, in short, PRT.

What is PRT?

PRT is a green process which takes in worn out and waste products, and transforms them into fuel, energy and new products. The best part? No emissions are released into the environment. It is a complete clean and green process to save earth.

Isn't this what the planet needs? Reducing waste, and more energy. One solution of PatentReal Corporation, targets both the problems with a single shot.

This technology works best on products that are hydrocarbon in nature. These include plastic, scrap tires, oil, textiles, and so on. These products are thermally decomposed, resulting in products in the form of gas or liquid. In the entire process, heat emanates, which can be used for energy.

The whole process is divided into 2 steps as described below.

1) In the first step, the organic products are thermally decomposed by applying processes such as thermolysis. Molecular degradation takes place here, and the products are converted into basic usable raw form.

2) In the second step, molecular composition takes place. The basic product that we obtained from the first step is created into a new product, similar to the original one.

These 2 steps combined form the Product Reincarnation Technology™. And this is the future people can clearly see.

Many investors have realized the potential of this technology and how it can help save this planet. Hopefully we will see a very clean Earth very soon.

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