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Stay Healthy while running a business-How?

In this highly competitive world, running a business and staying in the trend is challenging and cumbersome; both physically and mentally. In this rat-race of success, most people get so involved that following a fitness regime becomes a far-fetched thought. In fact, having meals at the right time also becomes a luxury, at times.

By the time people realize the concept of “health is wealth”, it’s already too late! Add to this, unhealthy fast-food and ever-so-stressful lifestyle and you’ll have the perfect recipe for an unhealthy life. According to a study by startup Grind, 72% of entrepreneurs are diagnosed with some or the other medical disorders. So if you too are trying to make a mark in the world of business, it makes sense to stay healthy. Remember, not only a sharp mind but also a healthy body is needed to win this rat race of success in today’s ever-so-competitive world.

In this article, we are going to reveal 5 tips that will go a long way in keeping you healthy while running a business. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Don’t stress out: Stress is inevitable but can be managed. If stress is not regulated in a proper manner it can impact personal life and decision-making process as well. For entrepreneurs, incompetence in the process of decision making is unacceptable. In case you are stressed out, consult a doctor quickly.

To lead a sound and happy life along with running a business, stress should be managed efficiently. Methods of stress management vary from person to person which may include listening to songs, long walks, yoga, sleeping, watching some comedy shows, etc.

People usually are of the opinion that once they acquire top position, stress will gradually diminish from their daily routine. However, the case is just the opposite. It is always a good idea to learn to manage stress at early stages.

Sleep like a baby: Sleep deprivation affects both mental and physical health. If an individual is regularly deprived of sleep, one becomes vulnerable to diabetes, heart diseases, obesity. Lack of focus, irritation, grumpy moods, tiredness, stress are also some of the mental side effects faced by the person due to poor sleeping patterns. All these factors may lead to entrepreneurial failure.

Sleep of minimum 7 hours will increase the average productivity and have a positive effect on cognitive abilities which include judgment, logical reasoning, perception, working memory, mathematical capacity, and concentration eventually resulting in a brilliant decision making.

It is a good idea to skip some email checks, take a little break, leave official burdens at the office and prioritize sleep as it will widen the chances of building a successful business.

Exercise every day: Exercise and productivity are directly proportional to each other. Regular exercise helps not only to maintain a healthy lifestyle but also stimulates synthesis of hormones that boost mind, kick-start energy and fights off stress.

Exercise fights off inflammation in the brain and stimulates the growth of fresh neuron which results in sharp cognition including high thinking capacity and memory space. It also stimulates “feel-good” endorphins hormone and lowers stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which contribute in a calm and relaxed mind.

A strict 150 minutes routine should be followed in a week. Exercise should be done thrice in a week if not daily. This will result in proper judgment and decision making and also, stress can be managed easily.

Take out relaxation time: Relaxing or taking a break may feel like a waste of time. However, it is recommended to take a short break and engage in activities of personal interest such as photography, sports, swimming, hiking, etc.

Disconnecting from work helps an entrepreneur to focus on other aspect of life which is equally important. Meditation or yoga should be practiced as a method of relaxation. This will help in clearing the clutter in mind and organize the thoughts. Hence, free space for creative thinking.

Usually, it is observed that entrepreneurs work 24/7 to make their business a success, but eventually, that leaves them exhausted. Relaxing is considered as way to recharge, which helps get new energy and a new point of view for continuing with the work.

Eat essentials: Maintaining proper diet and nutrients can be difficult between those investment plans and meeting schedule. But, an entrepreneur should never forget that health is also one of the important goals that should be nurtured, and should not be left on the back burner. Like other plans, there should be a proper routine for food also, as it acts as fuel for the human body.

If the human body does not get proper diet and nutrition, it directly impacts on thinking capabilities, memory-power, focus, decision making, concentration, etc. To avoid all these problems, one should strictly follow a nutritious diet plan. Diet plan should include foods with high-fiber carbohydrates and proteins. For light snacks, instead of junk food or packaged food one should prefer fresh fruits or dry fruits.

Meals such as breakfast and dinner should not be missed. Most people get frowsy after having one heavy meal. Instead of one heavy meal 3-4 light meal should be taken at optimum durations. It is always a good idea to cook for self, as it saves lots of time and money and helps in keeping a check on calories.

All the above-mentioned tips should be followed in a scheduled way, regularly. To achieve a specific goal, the mind should be sound and the body should be healthy and fit.

To ensure this, the above-mentioned factors play a vital role. Bringing these in practice in every day routine will keep the cognitive mind active and body healthy, thereby resulting in better decision-making abilities, creative ideas and precise steps to reach the goal.

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