Rakesh Patel

This Could Be a Shopify Checkout Conversion Killer

Traffic but No Conversions, have you ever sensed something like this happening on your ecommerce website? Over the past few years, ecommerce sales have been booming across the globe, still, more than 88% of people abandoned their shopping carts right before they check out. No matter how long they take while choosing products, online shoppers are more likely to abandon their purchase.

I mean there you are, spending countless hours of work designing, optimizing, and A/B testing your online store. Like every business owner, you may think it would be good enough to ensure appropriate conversion rates and steadily grow your customer base. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Now, I am sure you must be thinking how is customer abandoning shopping cart relevant to a business owner? Well, this costs you money. Reducing your shopping cart abandonment rate by half could double your sales. And this could never be possible unless and until you incentivize them to do so. Winning potential customers back is something that is done by most of the ecommerce brands. Further what can be done is the focus in such a manner that they don’t leave in the first place.

The above image comprises of glaring mistakes that could be interfering with your checkout process. There are many more of them, but for now, let’s focus on the ones that are obvious and easy to fix. The moment you succeed in preventing those conversion-killing rascals from driving away your customers, both your conversion rates and your overall sales will increase.

Low-key Shopping Cart Button It’s quite surprising to know how often an interested shopper browses your store, picks an item and adds to the cart. But what makes them forget all about it in 15-20 minutes? The fault usually lies with a shopping cart button that’s barely emphasized and doesn’t turn attention to itself.

Solution: Create a dynamic shopping cart that displays a pop-up every time an item is added. All you need to do is connect with a trustworthy Shopify development company who has the potential to create small animation or a pop-up, displaying the cart’s contents and a “Checkout / Continue Shopping” call to action, would work best.

Slow / Non-Dynamic Shopping Cart Several professionals believe in the fact that even a second-page delay can cost your brand loss of millions in sales per year. Perhaps, always keep this in mind that your target customers are the most patient, easy-going people in the world, refreshing your shopping cart to update shipping fees, items count, or coupon codes will make them much more likely to cancel the order.

Solution: You can have a developer build a dynamic cart for you in Ruby on Rails, jQuery, or jQuery UI, and integrate it with your store. Additionally, you can use third-party libraries that support Shopify, and let your website render the cart in real time, for example, Cart.js.

Disruptive Registration In case, you are a businessperson who wants every buyer at the store to create an account before purchasing, chances are there you are massively undercutting your conversion rates. Several reports suggest, 25% of shoppers abandon their purchases because they are forced to create an account. Try looking from a shoppers point of view. They come to your website to buy stuff. When they see something they like and add that item to the cart, they don’t want to be forced to make up a password and create an account.

Solution: First, always make account creation optional for your customers. Next, ask for their email as quickly as possible, so you could follow up if they abandon the cart.

Conclusion So that’s all for now! Making a small additional change can make or ruin the chances for a successful sale. Henceforth, it is always advisable to do things wisely!

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