How is Orange Essential Oil Beneficial

Hearing the name orange essential oil, you may be thinking what exactly is this oil and why it is used. This essential oil is extracted from the peels of sweet oranges, and that is why it is also called sweet orange essential oil. The method of cold pressing is used to squeeze the oils from the rinds of the oranges, and along with it, flowers and leaves of the orange plant can also be used for extracting oil.

Benefits of using orange essential oil

This pure orange essential oil can be used as the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic oil. Also, it improves blood circulation. There are various other health benefits of using the oil type:

It Helps in Soothing Allergies

You can use it for soothing the swelling caused by allergies. Since the oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in improving the blood flow in the area of allergy. When it comes to using the oil, you can inhale it.

It Boosts the Mood

Being an antidepressant, it can help in uplifting your mood. You can inhale the sweet aroma of this oil for boosting your mood. For doing that, you can either use 4-6 drops of oil in the low-heat diffuser or rub a few drops in your palm.

It is Good for Dental Hygiene

Organic sweet orange essential oil is also for killing the bacteria. You can use this oil for fighting the bacteria, bad breath, mouth ulcer and gingivitis of your mouth. You have to mix orange oil with salt, warm water and use it for gargling for a few seconds.

It is a Facial Cleanser

This essential oil can be used for maintaining the appearance, texture of your skin by reducing acne and scars. Its antiseptic properties help in killing the bacteria that induce acne. You can wash your face with a mixture of warm water and a few drops of oil; moreover, you can directly apply orange essential oil on the acne spot by using a cotton swab. It even detoxifies your skin and makes your skin smooth and soft.

It Improves Health

The oil type can also be used as the muscle relaxant as it helps in reducing the painful muscle contractions. It even is beneficial in preventing diarrhea, coughing, convulsion, sprains and tearing of muscles. You can apply it on a bite mark, cut, abrasion, boil eruption or any other wounds as it has antimicrobial properties.

It Helps in Digestion

It can be used for improving the digestion issues such as constipation, slow digestion, and reducing the gas build up in the intestine and colic formation, abdominal pain. It even helps in relieving stress, congestion of the nose and eliminates all types of toxins like salt, water and uric acids.

The orange essential oil can be used for a variety of health and facial applications that not only uplift your mood but also add citrus aroma in your life. You should use essential oil safely to enjoy its benefits.

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