Shaheen Shaikh

4 Basic Types of Essays You Must Be Aware Of

Irrespective of why you are writing an essay, your writing style will be top-notch if you can lay focus on your purpose. While the mere idea of penning down an essay might sound drab and dreary to many high school students, acing the writing skills required to type and writing a heart-rendering essay, like having the data analyzed, persuasion, and concisely expressing your thoughts, can go a long way in projecting you as the finest writer.

A better understanding of the 4 major essay types can contribute to your writing flair and aid you in learning how to write better. All of the basic essay types have a unique aim and calls for different writing talents.

The Most-Common Types of Essays That Will Help You To Write Better

Expository Writing

The term expository comprises of the word comprise, so the reason behind expository being the perfect descriptor for this writing genre is it facts are exposed or set forth by this kind of essay. An expository essay is one of the most popular writing styles that you would learn of. In an expository essay, a topic will be given and laid out logically sans reference to the personal opinion of the author.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay aims to assist the readers to visualize the place, event, and character or everything at a time. The essay writer might describe the scene in five scenes. The descriptive essay enables the writer to have immense creative freedom than expository essays.

Persuasive Essay

The agenda of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader to take the point of view of the author into assumption. The writer would have their personal experience expressed in the Persuasive or Argumentative essay and back himself up with proof to take the readers into his confidence.

Narrative Essay

The purpose of a Narrative Essay is storytelling, despite the story being imaginative or real. The pieces of the Narrative style essays would have characters and throughout the essay, the reader is enlightened on what happens to the characters. The Narrative essay can also comprise of dialogue.

Simply analyzing which of these four types of essays best caters to your need and sticking to it can assist you to write more proficiently. But regardless of which essay type you choose, make sure you check for plagiarism through a paid Plagiarism checker tool to cut ties with the plagiarism issues when posting them on the internet.

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