Salwaar Kameez - All You Need To Know!

Clothing is something we all wear, though we don't all wear it in similar forms. Recent decades have brought to life many new designers and brands that produce and sell all sorts of clothing to the public. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Hugo and others have made clothing as high of quality as ever before. Though, not all people desire the western style of clothing adaptations.

Many, especially in Asia, enjoy wearing clothes that match and represent their own culture. One example of such is Salwaar Kameez. If you haven't heard of Salwaar Kameez, now may be the time!

Salwaar Kameez is specific traditional clothing that is worn by a lot of people in south and central Asia. These clothes are stitched, unlike the dhoti or sari. Though, salwaar kameez that is worn by women has several different designs that distinguish and separate them from those that are worn by males.

For those who want to buy Salwaar Kameez it is important to know what it consists of. Each and every Salwaar Kameez is made up of a top and a trouser. The kameez part is the top, whereas the Salwaar is the loose trouser. The Salwaar ends in a slightly narrow opening next to the ankle just like the traditional harem pants. The tailor chooses to either stitch certain elastic at the level of the waist or give a small fold wherein a string can pass through for tying the trousers. The string is responsible for holding the trousers up. The fastening arrangement given in these trousers is placed in the center or the front unlike the harem parents,which have such arrangements on their sides.

One other very common feature that exists between the traditional harem pant and the salwaar is their bagginess. The bagginess of the salwaar, though, tapers in a gradual fashion towards the persons ankles, which is different in the traditional harem pants. In the Patiala Salwaar, this so called bagginess is much more prominent and is often almost as straight as pajamas. The Patiala salwaar with some short snugly fitting tops are very popular amongst teenagers. These are very convenient clothes. The narrower types of Salwaar, the Churidar fits in like leggings.

Indian men wear Kurta Pajama, which looks similar to salwar kameez and resembles the Pathan suit a lot. The Pathans Kameez often has a couple of pockets at the level of the breast. Furthermore, cloth flaps placed above these pockets are for the purpose of closing the pockets. A button that is stitched on the pocket passes in the buttonhole located on the cloth flap. Additionally, there are some deeper pockets placed on either side of the men's Kameez. Fashion designers tend to change the Kameez length in order to make new fashions. Men often tend to wear kameez that are quite long. Generally, men's kameez reaches several inches below the knee level. On the other hand, Women’s Kameez is generally above the knee level.

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