This Coach Built A $450K Monthly Business Teaching A Simple Client-Attraction Strategy

Let’s start with something you probably know (or don’t know)…

Every successful coaching business is defined by the steps and strategies they help their clients implement in their business. More important, they’ve implemented them in their business with a track record of success.

You really can’t trust someone to take you through a road they haven’t gone through themselves.

You’d only be wasting tons of money and valuable time with that person. The most you might get (if at all) is a tiny bit of success through a long and complicated process.

I wouldn’t hire a coach who hasn’t been in the trenches. I need a coach who knows how difficult it is to get clients – especially premium clients. And, who has the system to make it happen. A coach who understands the challenges in getting clients through the door because they’ve faced those exact same challenges. But have devised a system that solves this problem and still makes the process simple and realistic.

There are a few coaches I have met that fit the bill. One of them is Kennedy Cee, Founder of ClientsValley.

He’s a badass in the business.

He’s built this $450K monthly coaching business on the back of his experience as a business coach. He did this by showing business owners a simple strategy that attracts premium clients.

I have to be honest, I had my doubts when I first got wind of his workshop. I almost passed him up for one of those big-mouthed marketers looking for desperate business owners to load up with garbage.

Trust me, I’ve seen loads of them. I’m sure you have too.

There are tons of courses out there with loads of information and no results to back it up. Usually, these courses go for anything from $200 to $1997. And because they are supposedly affordable, so many people buy them up in a whim.

If you’ve ever bought any of those courses, you probably didn’t quite get the solution you were looking for. They were only bogus, wishy-washy promises that did nothing but rip you off your hard-earned money.

Well, I decided to give Kennedy Cee’s workshop the benefit of doubt.

One of the things that endeared me to him was the massive value I got from his program. I was able to see how simple it is to navigate the challenging waters of landing premium clients.

I tried to get deeper and here’s what Kennedy Cee had to say:

“I have been in a place where I couldn’t offer my clients their desired results. It was one of the most devastating periods of my life. I had tons of unsatisfied clients. My business was on the brink of falling apart. I decided to take a few steps back to identify what the problem really was. From the experiences I had, I identified the missing piece of the puzzle. I focused on setting up sales funnels for clients without knowing how overwhelming they are for clients. For me, it was about building as many funnels as I could rather than helping clients get real results.”

This discovery was what gave birth to ClientsValley. He said, “I envisaged a situation where business owners in need of clients would come to us and climb back to the top with the kind of clients they desire”.

This for me is what transformation is about. Kennedy Cee has developed a simple strategy that squashes all the intricacies in attracting premium clients.

Now when it comes to holding your hands as you implement the strategy in your business, Clients Valley aced it. Their support system is world-class. They’d help you fix up your ads, your sales copy, craft out a million dollar webinar, show you how to better position yourself, and everything in-between.

I however had a little problem. It happens that their program is only tailored down to people who are already doing well on the average. I felt that startups could benefit from this result-oriented program.

To address this concern, Kennedy Cee says, “Part of what we teach our clients is knowing who they serve and what they serve them with. And, having this well dialed in. We only work with people we can get 100% results for. And that’s the exact same thing we teach our clients.”

I haven’t heard something as refreshing as this in my years of doing business.

Would I recommend Kennedy Cee?

You already know the answer to that. I sure would.

His methods may be a little out of the books. It may require you to do stuff you’re probably not used to.

But they sure gets the desired results.

He’s built a $450,000 a month business using the simple strategy he teaches in his workshop.

BTW, here’s a training where he shows you a process you can use to land premium clients as soon as you want them.

Trust me, you will thank me later.

Join the training now.

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