Remote Viewer

A remote viewing job opportunity for clairvoyants

“Who’s there? Give me a minute,” Kate yelled from inside the kitchen, but the knock on her door continued loudly.

“Who could this be?” she wondered as she turned off the water at kitchen sink and wiped her hands on the cloth napkin lying on the kitchen cabinet. She wasn’t expecting anybody, and it was only her landlord, who knocks like that each time he comes to harass the tenants for rent.

“Who is there?” Kate asked again as she grabbed the door knob.

“It’s me, Claire,” a tiny singsong voice said from the other side of the door.

As soon as Kate opened the door, Claire grabbed her and embraced her tightly.

“Oh, my God! Kate, thank you so much! You saved my life!” Claire yelled as she held her friend in a tight embrace.

Kate felt lost for a moment. She couldn’t tell exactly what she did to deserve this reaction, but she wasn’t going to cut this moment of joy short, so she returned the gesture, hesitantly wrapping her arms round Claire’s body.

After what seemed like forever, Claire broke the hug and moved to sit on the couch. “Do you know I would have lost all my money if I hadn’t listened to you?” she stated.

Kate was still lost, but she nodded, urging her friend to continue.

“I thought you were only being pessimistic, but at the last minute, I backed out of that investment deal I told you about, and now I heard that the company has filed for bankruptcy and the stock is worthless!”

“Wow! Are you serious?” Kate exclaimed, somewhat not surprised.

Some weeks ago, Claire had told Kate that she was contributing money with other professional investors, to create a new type of medical device. Kate, was against the idea immediately, and told her that she doesn’t see the product making it through the FDA approval. What Claire took for pessimism angered her so much that after Claire left Kate's house upset on that day, she hadn't come around or even called Kate since that day.

Kate was happy that she was able to save her friend from a bad investment, but her joy wasn’t complete because she couldn’t believe that Claire could desert her when she was only looking out for her safety.

“Girlfriend, now I know your clairvoyance isn’t just ordinary. I think you should earn money from this!” Claire said.

Kate snarky replied “So I should start walking around the street, claiming to be a fortune-teller and asking people to pay for predictions?”.

“No, not like that! I saw something on one of the stock trading websites I follow. I think you should check it out this job opportunity."

Claire pulled out her phone, opened a webpage and gave it to Kate. Written boldly on the webpage was an unusual job posting. “Are you clairvoyant? Do you have psychic abilities? Do you see visions and make accurate predictions that make people to sometimes think you’re freaky? If so, then you could work from home for as little as 2 hours to as much as 15 hours per week, and earn four to five figures monthly. We are looking for remote viewers to make stock market predictions without any personal financial investment required. No experience necessary, call 768-574-3370 today”

“Is this for real? A job for psychics on Wall Street?” Kate scuffed.

“Yes! And I think you should apply. Girl, I underestimated your abilities until last night when I heard the news about that company I almost invested all that money in going bankrupt I knew you were built for making predictions like this. Go for the job Kate!"

Kate thought about it for a while, maybe this would be a lucrative opportunity to make some money for herself using the visions she sees when see practices remote viewing.

“I’ll give it a shot,” Kate said and took her phone to dial the number written in the job posting.

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