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New Types of Fitness You Would Like to Try

We are constantly seeking for the ways to improve ourselves. But when there is no motivation boring to work out in the gyms, we have to look for some new directions that can captivate us. After all, the more diverse and fun the training, the more effective it is!

At present, CrossFit is rapidly gaining popularity - almost every third person who is interested in sports is now engaged in it. Crossfit is a program designed specifically to train all the muscles of the body. It optimizes physical fitness of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improves endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Crossfit exercises are divided into purely physical exercises, intended for people without professional sports training, and more complex ones, which are used to train athletes for competitive purposes. Classes are distinguished by high intensity in a short time, based on the maximum number of repetitions and a wide variety of exercises. According to statistics, this sport equally attracts men and women.

Classes on the CrossFit system are divided into three blocks, each of which lasts twenty minutes. The first block is characterized by an active rhythm and is aimed at training the heart and respiratory system. During the second block, there are physical loads on different muscles. The third block of exercises is performed at a calm pace and allows you to stretch the muscles and restore breathing. As a result, one workout brings maximum benefits: muscles are strengthened, excess fat is burned, proper posture is formed, and the work of the heart and respiratory system improves.

Recently, such sport as trapeze fitness has become popular. It is more interesting and original than ordinary fitness, besides, it is very useful because absolutely all muscle groups are trained during the workout.

As a rule, this type of fitness is conducted in a special hall, which is equipped with durable ropes fixed on the ceiling and crossbars, which are made of non-slip material, which allows to avoid many injuries during training. Basically, such structures are designed for people who weigh up to 150 kg, so you should not think that only slim people can do fitness on a trapeze. The duration of training is usually less than an hour, and is divided into a warm-up part and the main part. The main part of fitness is devoted to practicing on the trapeze, it includes various exercises. Versatile load includes training of the cardiovascular system, and various muscles stretching.

Fitness on Bosu is very popular with girls. Bosu is a simulator that looks like half a fitball: a plastic platform a little more than 60 cm in diameter with a rubber dome about 30 cm high. In many ways, the exercises resemble step aerobics. This simulator contributes to the training of the vestibular apparatus and allows you to use a variety of muscle groups, developing dexterity and strength.

Budokon yoga has also appeared relatively recently. The Budokon classes consist of two parts - the physical part and Zen meditation. Physical exercises are based on a combination of ancient and modern types of yoga and martial arts. It is important that Budokon helps to develop not only endurance and strength, but also helps to cope with the stress.

Doing Budokon yoga, you will not only find peace of mind, but also be able to lose weight and form magnificent outlines of the body.

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