Riya Malhotra

How Education is Important in Life


Nowadays education is very important for us because it is the basic part of our life. To succeed in life, it plays an essential role. It helps a lot in the social, economic, and personal development of the society. The socio-economic structure of any society totally depends on the educational structure of the country. Education is the key which opens all doors of success for individuals. An educated person can live his life with happiness and lively.

Education is not open-ended it opens the new doors of success for every individual. Education is the tool which can easily change the mind-set of people and then people can easily conceive new skillful ideas in their mind. As we know that life is very hectic every individual face many challenges and problems in life education helps to solve such challenges and problems in life.

Early Education System in India:

The earlier system of education was very poor people from different areas was not able to go anywhere for education. Private schools were present in many areas but they were only providing education for high-class students. Students who belonged to lower class they were not allowed to study in private schools. But the present education system in India introduced new methods and techniques for the betterment of education system. Many regulations are implemented now by the Indian government to made schools in rural areas. Purpose of these schools to provide free education for those students who cannot afford them too much fee for schools.

Even though the concept of E-Learning in India also opens the new door of success for all. Best educational websites in India are providing the number of courses and learning material for secondary, primary, and higher level students.

Importance of Education in Life:

Here we discuss the some of the short key points that why education is important for us.

• An educated person can easily differentiate the good and bad things. He can understand what is bad for him and what is wrong for him.

• An education teaches the individual basic necessaries of the life and informed that how to earn in any society and how to serve his duty as a member of the society.

• Education helps the society to grow fastest. Because people who belong to different fields of education they help the society in their respective field.

A well-educated and professional teacher can work efficiently in his field and teaches the students basic skills and positive attitude to survive in the society.

• An educated politician, famous personality, and member of the government can know that how to perform in a society as a leader. He can understand that what are the needs of the public and what kind of power in need to satisfied their needs in a proper way.

• An educated person always be more conscious about its surrounding and try to keep the environment neat and clean. He will also guide the other than how they can protect and save their environment.

• An educated doctor always good take care of his patents and treat with kind and love with their patients.

According to the Malcolm X:-

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it for today.”

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