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Fashion Your Pet’s Ashes Into Cremation Diamonds

“All that we love deeply becomes a part of us,” is a quote from Helen Keller, an American author. This is applicable not only to family members, friends, and passions, but our pet animals too. The deaths of pet animals are difficult to accept especially when we’ve gotten used to their presence.

Pets often bring joy to the hearts of their owners.

To help you with this, EverDear & Co. is dedicated to helping pet owners feel the comfort their dearest pets can bring. This is done through making diamonds from pet ashes. But before all this, what happens during pet cremations?

How does pet cremation take place?

Pet cremation may take place in a standard crematory or a special crematory for pets. The body is placed inside a cremation chamber with a temperature ranging from 1,400 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Metal objects (if there are any) are removed, and the cremains are ground into fine powder. The pet ashes are kept inside a box, plastic bag, or other suitable container.

Together with your pet’s ashes, a certificate of cremation will be sent back to the owner. This certificate includes the name of the pet and the owner, name and address of the crematory, date of cremation, type of cremation (private or communal), and the cremation ID number.

How long is the pet cremation process?

The average length of time when cremating animals may range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Small animals like birds, hamsters, and rabbits may be cremated within 30 minutes to 45 minutes, while large animals such as horses may be cremated for hours. Longer cremation hours often results to additional cremation costs.

Pet owners have two choices in cremating their pets. They can either have a private pet cremation or a communal pet cremation.

Private pet cremation

A private cremation is when a pet’s body is the only thing cremated inside the cremation chamber. Individual cremation is another term for this. This choice is more expensive than other types of cremation for pets.

Communal pet cremation

On the other hand, a communal cremation for pets is when there are a number of dead animals alongside your pet which will be cremated inside the cremation chamber. Still, you have a choice to have a communal but partitioned cremation. In this type of cremation, there are physical barriers separating your pet from the other dead animals. This is a better option if you want to be sure that the ashes of your pet are not mixed up with the ashes of other dead animals.

Turning cremated pet ashes into diamonds

There is an ongoing trend of turning human ashes into diamonds. But did you know that it is possible to turn cremated pet ashes to diamonds as well? Here are some examples.

Turn cremated dog ashes into diamonds.

Dogs are one of the most common animals we have as pets. They are reliable and fun creatures to spend time with. We often rely on dogs for protection (especially guard dogs), and this belief may be traced back to the ancient times. Even the Hebrews used dogs to guard their houses and their flock of sheep.

Anubis, an Egyptian god with the head of jackal, is the god of the dead. This is due to the fact that jackals are often seen in cemeteries. He is in charge of guiding souls and making sure they reach the afterlife peacefully.

Since most of us consider dogs as our best friends, it really is painful and difficult to cope with the death of a pet dog. There are times when they are the only ones who can calm us and make us feel understood. Their loyalty is unparalleled.

Therefore, it is only apt to do something special with their cremains when they pass away. One great idea is to turn your dog’s ashes into cremation diamonds.

Transform cremated cat ashes into diamonds

Cats may seem like aloof creatures at first glance, but they can be lovable animals too. In fact, there are 85.8 million pet cats in the United States as of 2015, compared to the smaller number of 77.8 million pet dogs in the country, based on the 2015-2016 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey. Their inquisitiveness contributes to their intelligence.

Egyptians believed that cats possess magical abilities, and is one of the reasons why they are treated with utmost respect. Statues were erected to honor them. It even came to a point when killing cats is punishable by death.

Cat ashes into diamonds will remind you of the lovely experiences you shared together.

The death of a beloved cat will bring misery to any pet owner. We will surely miss the times when they play with the yarn we give them or cuddle up to us on the sofa. There are people who may not like them, but they certainly have their adorable sides just like any other pet.

The love we have for our pet cats is immeasurable. Making diamonds from cat ashes can bring you comfort. These cat cremation diamonds are always within your reach. At the same time, they are transformed into something beautiful and eternal.

Cremated horse ashes into diamonds

Horses are brave and powerful animals. They are often seen on the race track, but are also a mainstay in barns. There are a larger number of horses in the rural areas since wide spaces are needed to accommodate them.

Horses were used for transportation and warfare for long periods of time. There are different stories on the creation of horses, but one of the most fascinating is Poseidon’s story, the god of the sea. He was in competition with Athena, the goddess of wisdom regarding the renaming of the city called Cecropia. Poseidon created the horse while Athena created the olive tree. Athena won, and the city was renamed to Athens.

The death of a horse, be it from old age, disease, or injury, is a tough experience to go through. Pet owners are often lonely because they will surely miss the times they spent training their horses. Turning horse cremains into pet cremation diamonds is a nice way to remember the life of your pet horse.

Cremated small pet ashes into diamonds

Some of us may have birds, rodents, rabbits, insects, or other small animals as pets. These kinds of pets are suitable to those who do not have so much space to own pets. One way to show how much you cherish them is to change your cremated pets’ ashes into diamonds.

Cremation jewelry for pets

Pet owners can either have their pet cremation diamonds loose or mounted onto cremation jewelry.

A cremation ring from pet ashes can show how much you treasure your pet.

The most popular types are dog cremation jewelry and cat cremation jewelry since most people have them as pets.

Diamonds from your pet’s ashes are a heartfelt memorial.

Some people may feel strange when having diamonds from pet ashes. This may seem untraditional, but the most important thing is the satisfaction you get from celebrating the life of your departed pet.

For more information on EverDear & Co.’s cremation diamonds, click here.

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