Are rabbits afraid of cold? How do rabbits keep warm in winter?

How do rabbits keep warm in winter? The rabbit is covered with thick fur. It should be warm and not afraid of cold. But in real life, are rabbits afraid of the cold? How to keep them warm in winter? How many do you know about that?

Some people think that wild rabbits are not afraid of cold. But the domestic pet rabbit is afraid of cold. Because domestic pet rabbits are pampered from childhood, the ability to adapt to the environment will be relatively poor.

In fact, to know whether the rabbits are really afraid of cold, the first thing is to understand their life habits. According to the data, the most suitable living temperature for rabbits should be around 15 to 25 degrees. Of course, healthy and strong rabbits can also adapt to 10 degrees or above. Sometimes a rabbit doesn't have a problem with being exposed to a temperature of 5 degrees celsius. But it's worth noting that rabbits are not suited to living in very low ambient temperatures. For example, don't let rabbits stay in environments that are 5 degrees celsius or colder.

According to the living habits of rabbits, they should be afraid of cold, whether domestic or wild rabbits. Of course, wild rabbits are better able to adapt to the more hostile environments because of years of experience in the nature and domestic pet rabbits may be weaker in this regard.

In the cold winter, we must make rabbit hutch for rabbits to keep warm. For example, prepare a warm rabbit's nest for them. Don't put them in a cold wind. You can also take it out to sunbathe on the warm days. In addition, do not give the rabbit a bath. Otherwise, you may lose them.

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Are rabbits afraid of cold? How do rabbits keep warm in winter?

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