Five kinds of chicken house construction methods for free-range chicken

(1) Simple shed

Find a flat land facing the sun in the stocking area, and use linoleum, canvas and thatch to build a simple chicken house. It can be built directly into a pyramid, with an open door on the south side and three sides on the ground, or surrounded by walls.

(2) Ordinary chicken house

The simpler method is to build a pitched ceiling, with the slope facing south and a two-meter wall in the north. Large windows can be left on both sides of the east and west. Nylon mesh or barbed wire can be used on the south side, but large windows must be kept. The area is suitable for 16 square meters. This kind of chicken house has good ventilation effect which can make full use of sunlight and has good heat preservation performance.

(3) Plastic greenhouse chicken coop

The plastic greenhouse chicken house is to cover the open part of the chicken house with plastic film, and use the good light transmittance and tightness of the plastic film to keep the solar radiation and the heat emitted by the chicken, so as to improve the temperature in the shed.

(4) Open-ended flat no-pass chicken houses

This chicken house is suitable for brooding and raising of chicks and chickens. The span of chicken house is 6 ~ 8 meters and has windows on the north and south walls. The south window is 1.5 meters high and 1.6 meters wide. The north window is 1.5 meters high and 1 meter wide. Coops with wheels also called chicken tractor, it is easy to move here and there.

(5) Chicken houses renovated with old facilities

The use of farmhouses, warehouses and other equipment to rebuild chicken houses to achieve comprehensive utilization can reduce costs. Ventilation and insulation must be achieved. Generally, the old farmhouse is short with small windows and poor ventilation. When rebuild, the windows should be enlarged or open a window on the north wall to increase ventilation and lighting.

Each of these five free-range chicken houses has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the number of chickens is small, you can buy a small chicken house directly.


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