How much do you know about greenhouses?

Many people know that anti-seasonal vegetables are grown in greenhouses, but you must be very curious about what the agricultural greenhouse looks like. Today, I will introduce the agricultural greenhouses!

Agricultural greenhouses are divided into vegetable greenhouses, plastic greenhouses, greenhouses, smart greenhouses, single-span greenhouses, and multi-span greenhouses. Next I will focus on the greenhouses.

The greenhouses are also divided into many types. They are usually simple agricultural greenhouses made of plastic paper and machinery. This is cheaper among the greenhouses and is more suitable for ordinary farmers to plant crops. There are also high-tech ones, with many devices installed, such as ventilation systems, temperature control systems, etc., but the cost is relatively high.

In fact, the purpose of the greenhouse is to provide a suitable environment for the growth of crops, so the greenhouse must have better heat preservation, lighting and durability. Heat preservation is to increase the heat energy by the sunlight, and keep it warm inside the greenhouse by the plastic film. If the weather in north is cold in the winter, the farmers will also cover the greenhouse with a layer of “quilt” to ensure the temperature in the greenhouse is suitable for crop growth. The greenhouse is generally made of plastic film, so the lighting is good, and it can provide sufficient light for the growth of the plant; the price of building a greenhouse is very high, and if the equipment is installed in the greenhouse, it will increase the cost, so the greenhouse must be built relatively strong to increase its service life to reduce costs.

Nowadays, many technologies have also been applied to greenhouses, saving a lot of farmers’ time and energy. Farmers can no longer grow vegetables without technology now.


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How much do you know about greenhouses?

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