Robert James

7 Upcoming Horror Movies that will Scare you Out of Your Wits

What's the stuff nightmares are made of?

Horror movies, that's what! The horror movie genre has a weird pull. Horror movies terrify us to our core, yet we keep coming back to it, wanting for more. As if everyday life isn't frightening enough.

Stories of unicorns, defeating evil, and true lovers uniting are okay. But sometimes, you need an extra dose of phantoms, ghouls, and chainsaw-wielding goons to spice up your Saturday. Who doesn’t want to huddle close together under warm blankets and throw popcorn in the air during the most frightening scenes?

Selecting a horror movie is an art itself. With so many cheap, mediocre ones mixed with the purely ingenious, you need a helping hand to choose only the best for you. So here I am with the following seven horror films, all coming up this year, to keep you on the edge of your seat with gory anticipation.


Throughout history, countless people have been killed by the famous Winchester rifle. What would happen if every person murdered by this rifle came back to haunt the manufacturer, in this case the aging heiress Sarah Winchester?. What is she to do to defend herself and her family against the tirade of millions of demonic souls? Lock them away in a house under eternal construction, that's what. While everyone else just deems her insane, a psychiatrist decides to treat her and inspect the oddities of the mansion himself. He obviously doesn't know what he has in store for him, and neither will the audience. Such are the waves of terror that this movie generates, which you should watch this February!

Slender Man

Finally, a much-debated urban legend and terrifying video game villain gets its own movie! Slender and sleek, with pitch black tentacles sprouting from its back, this entity is literally undefeatable. Nothing stops it in its tracks, and once you see it, it gets you. The only way to remain safe is to keep a sizeable distance from it. This is precisely what a group of teens refuse to do. Seeking to prove that Slender Man doesn't exist and is simply a myth, they go after it. They search through the woods, and despite their beliefs, they find it. Or more accurately, it finds them, possesses them, and gets inside their heads, forcing them to kill themselves. With a perfect grey-scale aura, this movie, directed by Sylvain White, is literally the stuff nightmares are made of. Don't forget to watch it this May.


Enigmas intrigue us. We are driven to explore them; to see if they're a benefit or a hazard. One such enigma called "The Shimmer" seems to appear out of nowhere. Scientists, soldiers, and even drones are sent to explore it. But none of them make it back, except the soldier husband of an ex-military biologist, played by Natalie Portman. With an all-female team of researchers, the biologist ventures inside the shimmery screen to find out exactly what lies there, and what she encounters leaves everyone baffled. Can you guess? Endless mutation and the creation of new life. At the expense of what? An imminent annihilation of the human species. Get ready to be thrilled by this Alex Garland directed number this February.

Truth or Dare

Everyone pines to go on a thrilling vacation, where they can let out all the worries suppressing their spirit. Nothing's more normal than a group of teenagers who go to Mexico, dance at wild parties, and make some new friends. But what's not normal is when a new friend intentionally deceives the gullible teens by unleashing a murderous supernatural entity upon them. Using the simple, fun-filled game of “truth or dare,” this entity forces them to play or die. More accurately, to play AND die. Death is certain in either case. Scared, yet? Watch this Blumhouse production, directed by Jeff Wadlow, coming out in April. I dare you.

A Quiet Place

Our unique sounds make us, well, us. But what if our very sounds endangered us to such an extent that we were forced to live a soundless life? Sounds impossible, right? Yet that's precisely what a small family has to do in order to survive. Everyone and everything around them is dead - killed by an unknown force that attacks when it senses a human decibel. The family communicates by light-patterns and sign language, walks on sand paths, and defends each other the best they can. Yet how far can they go? See it for yourself in this wonderfully promising film directed by John Krasinski, that's just around the corner (April).

Ghost Stories

Let me give you three ghostly scenarios.

It's a warehouse, and a guard's on the night watch, quietly reading his magazine. Suddenly, the lights flicker off and on. There's a weird sound leading to a chained door, which the guard follows. The heavy-duty steel chain falls off on its own, and the door creaks open. The guard goes in. There's screaming.

A teen's driving his car on a lonely road, sheltered by dark forests on both sides. It's the middle of the night. There's an eerie mist all around. Suddenly, the car engine dies. No one's in sight. The teen fumbles around and stops only when he hears footsteps atop his car. There's screaming.

Home sweet home. A middle-aged man is relaxing until the indoor temperature decreases to the point where it’s way too cold. There's a knocking sound upstairs. He goes to investigate, at which point someone with red eyes sprints towards him. There's screaming.

These are all potential paranormal cases that a defiant parapsychologist, who does not believe in the existence of ghosts, decides to check out, and later regrets. Catch this movie, arriving in April, directed by James Dyson and Andy Nyman. You will definitely not regret it. That I can promise.

The Strangers: Prey at Night

A knock on the door is how it all starts. It is Labor Day weekend, and a family of four decides to go and stay at a trailer park, in order to connect with each other and spend some ‘quality' time together. Before too long, a mysterious long-haired girl knocks on their door. With her face in the shadows, she asks a weird question, and then leaves. From then on, the family starts hearing things around the house, and begin seeing masked strangers wielding sharp weapons aimed at them. Mayhem and flight-for-life follow after, as the family is forced to run, hide, and even defend themselves against the deranged strangers. Follow the family's plight in this film, coming out in March.

So how can you catch these hair-raising horror numbers? By streaming them online with a subscription to a wonderfully reliable internet service with affordable rates. Believe me when I say this: nothing is more pocket-friendly than Xfinity internet prices. Top-notch movie experiences at convenient rates? I wouldn't say no to that.

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