How Color Trends for Homes Evolved Through the Decades

Homes have gone through many color trends since the 1960s. Here are the most popular hues per decade.

Homes have gone through many stylistic trends, especially when it comes to their colors. While this change may seem subtle, it affects the overall appearance and vibe of a residence. Read on to learn more about the popular hues per decade starting in the 1960s.


The 1960s was heralded as the time of love and peace, and the society's mindset was reflected in residential paint, as well. People opted for loud, bright tones, such as daisy yellow, that made rooms look livelier. Psychedelic and paisley patterns were also popular, so it didn't matter if colors clashed. If you can't decide whether to incorporate acid orange or neon pink in your interior, borrow from this decade's trend and put them both.


When the United States celebrated its first Earth Day in the 1970s, colors resembling natural objects became popular. It was a big, sudden shift from the vibrant patterns of the past decade. Individuals began asking home painters to use tones like brown, rust, amber, and beige. With these neutral hues, houses appeared more serene. Choose this style if you prefer a relaxed ambiance.


With the economic boom in the 1980s, popular hues became more flamboyant. Homeowners opted for tones like lime green and spice to make their residences eye-catching. Similar to the 60s, the goal was to be as flashy as possible, providing properties with a vibrant look. If you follow this trend, your house will surely stand out.


McMansions and Tuscan-style properties became popular, and their paint needed to match their elegant appeal. With this new demand, loud colors of the past decade were dethroned to make way for softer ones. White, ivory, beige, and gray were staples in houses built during this time. Earthy red was also preferred since it provided a touch of vibrancy without being too bright. If you want your residence to look sophisticated, the mellow hues of the 1990s will help you accomplish this.


Well-liked colors from the past decade remained sought-after. Individuals still opted for soft beige and latte while incorporating other tones like pale blue and aqua. Neutral hues dominated interiors and exteriors since they provided a simplistic style that homeowners preferred. Even today, many properties have this modest look. If you want a sleek and modern residence, this trend is for you.

Trends come and go, but it's still up to you to decide on your property's appearance. Whether you want a retro or sophisticated vibe, there are painters in Marietta GA who will help you achieve your goal. With their expertise, you can color your residence any way you like.

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