Rob Teitelman

All the Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Used CMM Machines from a Dealer

CMM machines have played an important role in boosting North American manufacturing at a time when it was vulnerable to the competition unleashed by globalization — CMM machines are found on the production line in factories all over North America, where they often perform the role of quality control.

CMM machines’ integral role in automation significantly improves a production line’s efficiency. For this reason, CMM machines are an investment that saves businesses a lot of money, but if you want to save even more, it’s smart to buy one used.

Here are the reasons why it’s smarter still to buy your used CMM machine from an authorized dealer.

Quality Assurance

Buying used CMM equipment from a dealer is the only way to get guarantees you wouldn’t get from an independent seller or from auction. The retailer you purchase from should be authorized by the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA).

Any MDNA authorized seller is required to respond to inquiries about their equipment with as much accuracy as possible to things like the machine’s condition and specifications. They will also refund any machinery that is proven to be mechanically unsatisfactory, or repair it at dealer’s option.

When you buy from an independent seller or from auction, you’ll likely never make contact or receive support after the sale. Buying from an authorized dealer gives you assurances and support down the road.

Long-Lasting Peace of Mind

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without first knowing what’s under the hood, buying a used CMM machine requires a specialized inspection that only properly trained technicians can carry out.

Authorized dealers won’t sell you a used CMM machine without first thoroughly inspecting the probes, drive systems, bearings, air lines and cabling. Not only that, you’ll receive formal guarantees that right from the time of purchase, it’ll work perfectly. If something isn’t working right, they’ll fix it for you for free. You want to get your machine repaired by experts whenever you buy used equipment, and this is the best way how.

Software Consultations

When you purchase a used CMM machine, you’re not only buying the equipment itself but the software. The software inside your used machine may be obsolete at the time of purchase, or at least may not be the most optimal software for your needs. You may not know if your software needs to be replaced, and if it does, you may not know what software to buy.

Buying a used CMM machine from an authorized dealer means that you’ll get reliable guidance about what software comes with the machine, and what software is available on the market. Ultimately, it’s not enough for your used CMM machine to avoid mechanical failure, getting the job done perfectly means making sure it’s powered by the right software.

CMM machines can save you money by performing automated functions in your factory, but you can get even better value by buying them used. And when you do, the only true way to feel confident that the parts and the software will work properly is to buy your used CMM machine from an authorized dealer.

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