35+ Best Conversation Between Two Friends – 2018

Every woman and every situation will be different, so you have to go out and get some experience.

It sounds tricky, but I promise that it will be easy with the transaction. 🙂

Which brings me to my next strategy ...

7) Do not believe

If you speak well with women and speak well, then you need to focus on your professional training.

While talking to a woman, maybe something else is possible, you have to turn it back.

Just start to start a conversation. This is a reward for you.

This applies to apps and website events as well.

For example, not every first date is for sex or for another date.

So do not contact him with the hope of sex. Instead relax and try to learn something about it.

Strategy 8-9: Negotiated Based

After all, ask my last two strategies (or your contact) when contacting with you.

It's easy, but it's a really effective way to sharpen your first conversation with a woman. This is the only way you want it.

8) Ask and Listen

It seems obvious, but ask for yourself!

And just do not ask - listen to her answers too.

From there you can ask the following questions. And you see, you have an intuitive conversation. 🙂

But how come a simple conversation to come to your home?

Is there any easy way to do this?

Recently I thought:

"Why do some girls come home with me? First night I meet them and not others ...?

"Let's share a taxi" and "I have a meeting tomorrow ... maybe next time?" What is the difference between

I was thinking about the last dozen when the girl came home with me ... and when she beat me:

When I am sitting next to a woman and talking for a few minutes (5-15 minutes), then I have to decide that there is always a fixed issue:

"Will I put his hand on his feet?"

And you know, if I make a decision ... and I'm controlling it ... that's the difference.

Almost every time, after a few minutes of applying this touch technology, he will agree with me to come home ... and sometimes he will suggest that we return to him.

And if I do not use it? This is a "nice meeting" ... and then * radio is silence. *

If you have ever wondered why some girls come home with you the same night, you will meet them ... and others will not give you the time of day ... this can be the technology to answer .

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