Arthro - Thumb Brace

Arthritis affects more than one in four adults. People of all ages, genders and races have arthritis, actually the leading cause of disability.

Thumb arthritis occurs in the joint at the base of the thumb, known as the basal joint. It can be very painful and difficult to deal with.

Texting and tapping smartphone too often? It can lead to thumb arthritis as well.

Many people do not seek treatment until their symptoms are severe. Swelling, acute and chronic pain, stiffness, numbness, significantly decreased range of motion.


Physical activity can reduce pain and improve physical function by about 40% (report from 2018, from the Leading Authority on Arthritis & Related Diseases - Arthritis Foundation).

Nonetheless, the exercises for the arthritic thumb are quite painful and cause considerable discomfort during their performance, at least during the warm-up.

We at Benedics AS are addressing this problem.

BeneFit Arthro - a brand-new first-of-its-kind thumb brace that will help you get your thumb useful again.

Support us so that we can deliver the product to the market for a wider audience.

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