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Top UI Design Trends of 2019

UI-design of mobile apps depends mainly on users, and interface design trends are dynamic & exciting.

The designers are staying up-to-date with the latest design trends with the changing work style and evolving fresh products and client requirements. Let's have a look over the top UI design trends in 2019.

Bold Typography and storytelling

Typography continues with bold & catchy features with a high presence in mobile & web layouts which is a prove to be an excellent tool for your brand image, and also you can combine it with a unique copy which will immerse you in itself.

Typography is one of the key design element for which designers pay much amount of focus to keep it readable and scan-able, Copywriting has become one of the significant aspects for excellent user experience because text styling is not enough option to work with.

It captures the user attention through styling and keeps them engaging through a brand narrative, which makes them feel like part of a story, including a simple scanning through the content.

Buttonless UI

The Buttonless UI is used mainly for creative experiments on mobile user experience for providing the service of UI interactions without buttons.

Buttonless saves the screen space for more information, which is representing as an initial step to the virtual interface based on your gestures.

Illustration and animated graphics

Nowadays, micro-animations are gaining much popularity for helping customer distinguish elements on the screen to interact within a simple manner.

After completion of an event task, feedback performs a significant role in assuring the user that the intended action has happened.

As a user, you get a better experience through digital custom illustration such as free forms, vast asymmetries & unaligned designs which helped platforms stand out above the generic by providing a friendly environment.

The animation graphic makes it simple to capture a user's attention & acknowledge you about what the company has to offers. An interesting illustration gives a unique personality to both mobile apps & websites.

Hero Images on Landing Pages

Hero images are the primary key images which you will find at the top of the application for referring as a particular kind of a large application banner, and it is one of the most critical aspects of the UI design for the mobile application which you cannot avoid.

Colors, gradients and the overlapping effect

Overlapping is one of the most popular technique which consists of colors, text & image. It provides you with a good sense of space and structures interface.

An interactive UI also provides you with bold colors & gradients mixed with transparency, which can be seen in illustrations, text, UI elements.

Gradients are popular among designers because of its realism and depth of the platform, which will give you a real-life experience.

Today number of peoples are using bold colors. It can be combined or monochrome with the use of oversized text, which will help you to limit the extreme colour-play.


Transparency is highly in demand nowadays, while changing the transparency settings, elements can acquire different appearance.

It gives a non-trivial "Glass" texture to the object, and the effects can be easily observed on the mobile application elements and logos.

Virtual reality

VR ranked one of the top popular UI trends which provide you internet of experience.

It is one of the rare promising technology which you can use in multiple sectors delivering intrinsic solutions such as the elearning Solutions , healthcare IT Solutions and much more.

Augmented Reality

Designers will need to go beyond screen-only interfaces to include physical interactions. Augmented Reality has ushered in a new era in user interface design, a new way of thinking.

Augmented Reality takes you in a magical world where "Things are real but not in reality" to give you an beyond the screen experience as of physical interaction.

AR comes with a new era in UI design, an out of the box concept, which will emphasize your interaction and makes you feel like a real-world environment.

Google and Apple have already introduced their AR development platforms, ARCore and AEKit, that presents you the combination of the physical and digital worlds.

Augmented Reality can be used for multiple approaches such as objected related, Fixed to screen space & real-world experience.

3D graphics

It does counts in the list of UI trend list but 3D elements rendered for platform-specific websites instead of all type of sites, usually, the overall market does not have much demand for 3D graphics.


Over time, mobile app development is also expanding towards evolution. The app trends for mobile and UI designs will get updated with the latest technology. Feel free to share your views for the same.

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