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How to log in using your personal account (

Hello, more and more often in the comments I get the same question "I can not enter the settings of the router at". What was very Login Password strange for me since I had never encountered such a problem when setting up a router. Therefore, I decided to ask in more detail the people who left a comment about the entire path they made when trying to log in to their personal account. And it seems to me revealed all the problems that might arise. I will try to explain them all as detailed as possible.

Input errors on login to

Probably it will seem to you that it was me too meticulously approached by those. BUT at the very New York as the statistics show the main problem with the entrance to the address, is not correct to enter it into the address bar. For this I advise you to carefully consider this, I myself sometimes put that extra number at the end (example:, then I will write the Login Window twice first ( Of course, I will quickly fix it, but apparently, even experienced people compare errors. Also, a common mistake when you mix a comma with Login credentials. Conclusion one be careful.

Connecting the router to the computer

During the initial setup of the router or after bringing the router, an inexperienced user could have a problem with incorrect connection of the wires to the router. It can sometimes confuse the Internet port and the LAN (local area network) port. So remember the basic rules for any router: Each router has 2 types of ports, this is one port to which the wire of the Internet provider is connected - which can be called on the router as “INTERNET”, “WAN”, it will also be marked with a special color. The second type of ports can be several of them; they are used to connect various devices to the router - most often this port is designated on the router as “LAN”, and is highlighted in color other than the “Internet” port. A detailed diagram of the connection of the router login Panel can be found here.. Let's now look at how to figure out that everything is fine with the connection.

As seen in the picture, the “Internet” port is highlighted in blue, and the “LAN” port is highlighted in yellow. Having connected a laptop or computer to a router, the router should blink the “LAN” light of one of the ports, in this case, the 1st one. This will mean Login Page that the router has successfully connected to the network card of the computer.

If the light is not blinking, it may mean that the network card of the computer is not turned on. You need to turn it on. You can do this by going to the network settings of your operating system and turn on the network. this is login user not the address of your router

It often happens that the address of the router is not what you enter, or it was changed during the configuration of the router. Therefore, entering the address that we are discussing you have nothing to leave. Therefore, you should determine the address of your router . If you describe the article link to which I gave early in brief, then you need to go to the network settings of the OS and in the properties of the network card to see the address that she received. And the address against which the words “Gateway” is in the name, and will be the addresses of the router.

http://The device does not automatically receive an ip address. As you probably understood from the title it happens that the router does not transmit the ip address to your computer. At the same time, in the network information, the ip address looks something like 169.xxx.xxx.xxx, where x is any digit. This may mean that DHCP is disabled in the router, or the DHCP service is disabled in Windows itself. To solve this problem, you can try to resume the service, but there is a faster and less complicated way. You only need to register the static settings of the IP address. Settings should be as follows: Where to go for making settings is well described in here . After you make the settings, you should easily enter the settings of the router. Login not suitable It happens so that everything is in order and when you type the address of your router in the address bar of the browser, the authorization window is displayed. Where you are asked to enter your login admin, on most routers the login and password is admin by default. But what to do if it does not fit, you can refer to the table of how to login by default, it will be located here.. If the standard login is not suitable, then it was changed, and in this case, to log into the personal account of the router, you will have to reset the settings of the router to the default. This can be done by pressing the “Reset” button and holding it for a while. After that, the default login will be suitable, but the router will need to be reconfigured again for your network. On the pages of my site you can find a detailed description of the settings and where the reset button is located on your router. Address blocking by anti-virus firewall The problem with blocking the address by login password a firewall or anti-virus program is very rare. It will be solved very simply for a while disable your antivirus and suspend the work of the firewall. Virus infected by browser This problem is also rare, but due to the possibility of inserting an extension in browsers, it is gaining momentum. Since some viral extensions in the browser can redirect the address. You can cope with this problem for a long time - it is to check the browser for viruses, disable the entire extension, and so on. I advise you to just use another browser. Also in time to configure the router, disconnect the Internet from it, the virus will not be active and you can easily enter your router.

Connect to the Router - Admin Login from 19216811.is

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