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Number for event marketing one of my favorites actually workshops and seminars these are very effective driving results in a short period of time. But what's the key. Number one you've got to build how to improve handwriting a large list of people to invest in other create a database to asking all of those who give you your business cards you know what network different things are different events. Hey can I put you on our database. Can I put you on our email list.

Ask them for permission so that you can grow your database or what you can do to grow your database. Give how to improve handwriting something of value away. Maybe on your Web site or somewhere for people in exchange for them to give you their email or information and it could be a newsletter an ebook or something you can give a way to motivate them to give you their information and put that opportunity for that and everything that you do on your business card on your Web site or on your blog social media e-mail communications put it everywhere give them consistent opportunity to provide you with their contact information.

When you build a large list right and you can invite them who do you invite. Well number one invite your database of customers. They're the most loyal they're the most the ones who'll be more willing to come and they'll bring friends to number two. Invite all of your Socius your how to improve handwriting friends your family everybody to this thing because they'll support you. But also they can bring people as well. Number three go to different groups. Invite them two or three times I mean if you're part of a network group get up in front of them invite vitam once one week invite him again remind them invite him a third time. Therefore invite individuate you think will come if given a personal invitation. People you know you know if I talk to this person they'll come in for five. Invite the public with a newsletter or an advertisement. The second key is create compelling invitations if you can invite these people write a killer headline that people will open.

I mean it's got to be compelling to them otherwise they won't open it. The power is the invitation. Create value with your invitation by mentioning the benefits you're going to offer. They're called the for use like if you're going to put a headline on an email make sure you make it useful unique make it urgent. They put a time line like something usher in a second and utterly specific for example it's a difference between come to this workshop to learn how to read financial statements versus three simple steps to increasing your business cash flow in the next 30 days.

There's a big difference between those two. One is more compelling because it's useful unique urgent and otherly specific the other one it's lacking substantial motivation. And then once you are able to get people to open those up and come to the way to how to improve handwriting the event the marketing is done then you've got to switch the sales. And of course when you're in your workshops. The third key is presentation must provide substantial amounts of value your content has got to be above but above par. In other words it's got to be superiorly. I'm sorry. Substantially valuable to them.

The presentation is important but about 20 percent important. And of course you're going to have at the end the irresistible offer the offer that they cannot refuse. Now if you're not a good speaker find somebody who is. Let them present and you just focus on getting the people there and then everybody wins. And of course Number four make them an irresistible offer. I mean it's great if you're teaching them all these great things but it's got to lead somewhere to an offer. Give them an offer how to improve handwriting they can't refuse. The kind of offer that they will be a fool not to take and the easiest ones to offer. Shoot for an appointment and if it is a purchase a purchase but it's like your gateway product or your irresistible product you get them now to start building a relationship with you. Appointment is really easy simple and easy. But a sale will take a little more selling.

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