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How To Pact With Failure Of BMW DME Control Unit

The DME system operates the ignition and fuel injection system with a single control unit. In short, it controls most of the functions within your BMW car engine. It is a very complex and sophisticated computerized engine management system that works and races the engine.

In BMW, the DME control unit maximizes the performance of an engine, reduces the emissions, maintaining the reliability of the vehicle and reduces the consumption of fuel. But if you experience that your BMW is not working properly, keeps high fuel consumption, ignition engine stops working then it can cause DME control unit failure.

How The DME Control Unit Works:

DME control unit accepts input signals from the intake airflow or main mass sensor. DME sensor captures the data that power the operations of your engine. The data includes vehicle speed, air temperature, cylinder identifying sensor, exhaust air, crankshaft plus sensor and accelerate throttle position. After capturing the data from various sensors DME control unit calculated and converted the data in the form of commands and send to the ignition system and fuel injection system. But if the ignition digital motor sensor fails and captures the incorrect data then it can lead to damage the engine and other important components of the vehicle.

When a DME control unit sensor damage it will show many symptoms that you need to consider. If you experience any of these issues then immediately take your vehicle to a professional certified mechanic for repair:

Let’s have a Look!

1. Car Suddenly Stalls While Operating: If you experience that your car suddenly stalls during operating then it can cause damage DME Control unit. If the ignition system short circuit burns out or fails when the engine is operating, it will immediately cut the power to the fuel pump and ignition system. And this will cause of vehicle stall. In some cases BMW able to start when the DME system cools off but after some time it again overheated. Moreover, engine stall can be very dangerous and leads to serious accidents.

2. Check Engine Light: Your check engine light can stop working on due to the number of different reasons. When you take your vehicle to a professional and certified mechanic then they can run a normal diagnostic check with a specific scan tool. During the test, if your engine light-triggered and code generated then mechanic get the code. This code allows them to know the problem.

3. Engine Burn Out or Misfire: Another reason for faulty of the DME control unit can cause your engine to burn out or misfire. Misfire is usually random when the control unit sends the wrong or incorrect information to the engine ignition system. Due to wrong information, your vehicle ends up with the poor experience of acceleration, vehicle speed, and throttle position with consumption higher amount of fuel. If you experience all these issues then you need to immediately take your vehicle to a professional mechanic and repair it. Otherwise, it will fail your other vehicle component.

4. Car Stops Working Randomly In The Middle of The Road: If your DME control engine is totally damaged and no longer able to handle the engine function then your car engine might not start at all. Usually, before this happens you will have many issues starting the car but after many tries, it eventually starts for a short time. So, it is very important if you see these types of issues with your BMW then takes your vehicle immediately to a professional technician.

Replacing The DME Control Unit: If you experience all these symptoms then it means you have a faulty DME in your car. In this situation, you need to replace your vehicle control unit and keep safe your vehicle from other engine malfunctions. Generally, the cost of DME replacement and BMW ECU programming depends upon the model of the vehicle.

Sometimes the DME control unit fails can cause minor issues and allow the part to be repaired. With repair, you can save the cost of replacement. If you face any minor issue or changes in your vehicle then take your vehicle to a professional technician and find out all the issues before it becomes a large problem. It is one of the best ways through which you can save your time and money as well.

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