When POS becomes necessary from end point sales to end service integration with heterogeneous systems


Now the End Point Sales System (POS) is no longer just an endpoint sales platform that records sales information, but it is also used to improve service to consumers.

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If an enterprise wants to improve the quality of customer service through Point of Sale then POS has the right set of software and hardware for the enterprise at the time of construction. You also need to further integration of POS with other application systems of the company, and even with the IT systems of strategic partners, can effectively integrate information from POS sales to improve service efficiency. For example, through integration with ERP systems, inventory management can be improved to avoid stocking problems, and through integration with e-commerce, the enterprise's virtual and physical pathways can be integrated.

Integration of POS systems with ERP

At present, many enterprises have integrated their POS systems with ERP systems, and POS software providers have emphasized that their POS systems can be integrated with ERP, such as the POS system of the new computer. POS system can be integrated with Oracle's ERP, SAP ERP, and other Self-developed import and sales systems for integration or data exchange.

If POS is not integrated with ERP systems, sometimes it cannot be the best customer service,” consumers can find that some stores hold such events, the points accumulated on the same day must be used the next day and cannot be redeemed on the same day.

To do inventory management and improve the quality of service to customers, now many enterprise POS system has been integrated with ERP. Take Tian Yan tea as an example, by integrating POS and ERP systems, the company can quickly return data from the POS system to the head office and integrate management information with ERP system, clearly calculate Earnings and losses for each store.

Integration with automated machines and plant systems

F&B is one of the main industries using POS systems, and this industry usually has automated machines for producing food. So if you can integrate front-end POS with back-end automation machines to speed up dining and reduce waiting time for guests. For example, the POS system of McDonald's in the USA connects the screen of the kitchen making table. When guests enter the POS information, the kitchen table immediately receives a message to speed up the meal, greatly shorten the guest's point. It also reduces the incidence of meal errors.

Also, Ding Taifeng POS system is integrated kitchen out machine, when the POS system input the guest's meal, the kitchen out machine can also see the ordering information, when the kitchen chef out, by the cooking key Print out the menu, so that the information of the order and the dishes is very clear.

Integration of POS systems with e-commerce

In the era of e-commerce, there are also companies exploring the integration of e-commerce and POS systems. Now e-commerce enterprises, usually take the virtual channel 1 inventory, physical channel 1 inventory, therefore they need to spend 2 times the manpower and material resources for inventory management. The transfer between the two sides also a waste of manpower and time.

Integration of POS systems with strategic alliance partners

In addition to the integration of IT systems within the company, many distribution and retail industries now use different business alliances to increase the variety of services and improve the quality of customer service. Therefore, enterprises introduce POS systems. There will also need IT integration with strategic alliance objects, the most well-known example is 7-11, family convenience store collection of credit cards, utilities, etc., the IT system must be with other IT integration for partners.

The payment collection of business is quite simple, the two sides just exchange data, the future with the electronic wallet payment mechanism, POS system, and partner information docking, will result in a more complex situation. Now, 7-11 and Family mart respectively launch i-Cash and Travel Co-brand Card e-wallet services.

POS becomes Kiosk to provide consumer information

In addition to integration with heterogeneous systems, POS can also be used with multimedia and voice functions to further evolve into Kiosk. Kiosk's simple application can provide customers with in-store information query, complex applications can use Kiosk as an interactive platform for stores and consumers, and even combine radio frequency identification ( RFID technology and self-service checkout system allow consumers to check out after purchasing goods, reducing the customer queuing time and manpower costs.

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