The various benefits of air-cooled chiller systems

Chillers are devices that remove heat from a load and transfer it to the environment using refrigeration systems. The heat gets transferred to the device which is cooling machines in power plants and various large-scale facilities. There are different kinds of chillers and air-cooled chiller is one of them. The air-cooled chiller systems disperse heat-using fans and are commonly used in power plant and dairy.

Air-cooled chiller systems

●There are restrictions on the usage of water as it affects the environmental conditions at large which is why air-cooled chillers are the best ones to use. Both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers depend on the air stream as a means of heat transfer. The air-cooled chillers don’t use a humid air stream and focus on using a current of ambient air to provide cooling. There is no excessive water usage involved which helps preserve the environment. Here are the various benefits of using air-cooled chiller systems.

●It does not require cooling towers which saves a lot of space in the facility. It shows that air-cooling chiller systems are more practical and made keeping in mind the requirement of clients.

●It prevents water wastage which helps better environmental stability. Wastage of water for such requirements is not necessary now with such great benefits.

●The air-cooled chillers are low maintenance machines that don’t require much maintenance. Hence, it saves a good amount of money through it.

●It is much easier to operate compared to other machines. It allows operators to use it easily and control the tower freezing and tower bypass absent.

●Huge water cost gets avoided as it is really costly to get water transport if it is not nearby. It benefits the most to the plants that are located in the cities.

●In case of any emergency, disaster or accident, the company won’t have to deal with water problems. During some seasons or due to other problems sometimes it becomes difficult to get water in a huge quantity and get it transported as well.

They are largely used in the dairy industry due to these factors. Here are the ways in which it benefits the dairy industry.

●The first and most important benefit it provides to the dairy industry users is that it reduces energy costs.

●It is known to preserve milk quality which is another top priority for the users.

●It is a simple and efficient way that provides quick returns on investments.

These cooling systems circulate a glycol solution through the plate cooler which cools the milk within 2 degrees of water temperature. It is an effective refrigeration system that is widely used in dairy farming as it helps keep the milk cool and increases its lasting period.

Unlike other instant cooling systems that lower the milk temperature that does not operate quite efficiently, the air-cooled chiller system is known to cool faster and more efficiently.

To purchase a top-quality chiller system that can ease the dairy farming process, get in touch with Kyabram Refrigeration. Their team of experienced professionals can help apply the correct formula as the system is really sensitive and proper installation is a must in order to avoid problems.

This complete system is a standalone arrangement which reduces the add-on components when installing on-site. It saves time in installation and is a great machine to have for efficient usage. The glycol refrigeration system can be used as complete, total refrigeration and pre-cooling system for all kinds of tanks and plate coolers.

For more information about the same, visit kyabramrefrigeration.com.au

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