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Google Fuchsia OS: A Surprise For Android Users!

Google is coming up with a new operating system named Google Fuchsia OS and it in development process. It is a Google's Android-chrome Hybrid Operating system. Google’s Fuchsia is yet unknown and mystery to most. This will be a universal operating system that controls all devices. It is still far if this operating system is the replacement of the other operating system.

It almost looks like Fuchsia will help Android applications. Fuchsia OS developers are discovering methods to comply with Android App Development. Google amazed everyone arriving the Fuchsia OS on the familiar platform Github. Let's have a look in depth on Fuchsia operating system on which tech giants have been expecting to get their hands on:

The logo of this OS is the blend of Pink and Purple color. Fuchsia has the ability to manage all Internet Of Things. It comes up with Artificial Intelligence. In the year 2007, Google has begun working on it as open source project. Limited information is available for the shortcomings of Android.

There is still a big question " Will Android program work side by side or would it be an end to the Android time?"

Google Fuchsia will surely give a guided framework over smartphones, laptops and other IOT devices. Fuchsia is based on Google’s own custom framework “Zircon”. It is set with an added layer of security and also has the capability to reduce circumstances in which apps go contrary with Operating system updates.

In order to run over Android Applications, it will use a uniquely created version of ART(Android Run time). Written practising Google’s Flutter SDK, Android devices will be ready to run parts of Fuchsia. The introduce of Fuchsia is Google’s new effort to strengthen the whole ecosphere under a unique and particular operating system. Google’s strategy is to implement Fuchsia on ever likely Google’s tech umbrella.

As of now, Google is still unwilling to say anything or to give an official announcement Fuchsia OS may be as they have to concentrate fully on the OS or it is a “Senior engineer holding” project. It’ll be a hybrid that provides mobile-designed views and common desktop interfaces.

9to5Google state that The mobile layout has been code-named “Armadillo” and the other side has been named “Capybara,”

Both views of Fuchsia will work mutually practicing a tab system that will make up a majority of the user experience. Google Fuchsia is more card-based UI. Google needs Fuchsia to be the genuine cross-device operating system, unlike other Android App Development.

Bottom Line

It’s too early to think anything about Fuchsia and its place, but it wouldn’t be a wonder if Google comes out with a statement this year. The Google Fuchsia OS will not be a regular updated but will force developers to have two-one rules.

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