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How IoT is Game Changing for Mobile App Industry?

Nowadays mobile apps have become an important part which helps in our routine life. According to the study, 90% of the time is spent using on smartphones are utilized using mobile apps. Many successful companies have started offering the IoT(Internet of Things) to a large area while offering mobile app development. Wi-Fi is one of the perfect examples of IoT and Mobile App collaboration. It is thermostat enabled, where the thermostat is the IoT endpoint and app works as a remote to control the device. Through connecting IoT devices to a smartphone, we can have full control of the features that come with various devices.

Today it becomes the game changer for technologies including cloud, mobile, and wireless. The unbelievable demand and growth of mobile apps’ market have dramatically revolutionized the way people communicate with business and the way they live.

Mobile Apps Are At The Hub Of IoT Ecosystem

As IoT will remain to emerge at a rapid pace, the idea of smart homes, smart cities, connected cars, and machines will thrive. In this scenario, mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and wearables like smartwatches will work as the key interface through which can communicate with an IoT enabled devices.

Mobile devices are now enabled with apps and sensors that can tell the numerous detail information regarding its users. Moreover, geolocation information, Smartphones, and tablets can also track light position, the introduction of the device and much more.

Mobile devices support several connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC that allow them to interact with other sensors and devices. These are some default qualities of smart devices which make them at the IoT world.

Now, a Smartphone can communicate with a Smartwatches and a fitness band to further comfort and improve the user experience. Some hotel industries have already begun restoring key and card based access into their rooms with Smartphone; if you need to enter the room, you will just require to open the hotel app in your smartphone and move.

IoT will also allow you to remotely manage your office access system and also control your garage door from anywhere. The inbuilt sensors and mobile connectivity grow IoT ecosystem generating a new realm of possibilities and growth in travel, education, healthcare, retail, and many other industries.

IoT will make a tremendous influence on our ecosystem and market in the future. The significance of mobile phone will further improve in the near tomorrow when these mobile devices will be utilized as the main interface to connect to practically anything and everything. As per prediction by 2020, there will be more than 50 billion connected devices.

Developing Future-Ready Mobile Apps

It’s peak time for companies and mobile app development companies merging to create IoT-friendly mobile applications. Mobile apps can assist in developing a device where information spread by gadgets over their unified sensors will be received by the app in real-time.

When mobile apps and interactive device are synced well, IoT can add high value to user experiences. Apart from mobile devices, wearable devices and clothes are also observing a huge influence of IoT trend.

Right now, open source platforms such as Samsung and Thread are allowing helpful tools to build IoT-friendly apps, adding to the development of the IoT world. Yet, there is no doubt that IoT is a growing industry and thus many app developers are looking forward to practicing it.

Though, app developers are gradually adopting the trend in IoT app development. As per the latest study by Developer Media, there is a 24% improvement in the plenty of app developers working on IoT apps.

Bottom Line

Wrapping up, constant growth in IoT, mobile apps are driving to a better-connected world. We are still to recognize how the IoT ecosystem will be proven game-changer in the next five years.

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