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Tips to Convert iOS App to Android App or Vice Versa

The Impact of smartphones is extensive in the reach out of digital change globally. The E-commerce sector is a by-product of this digital revolution and has very advanced with the growth in mobile app development. Recently, every E-commerce company is either implemented or is on the edge of beginning a custom mobile app for their business.

The main problem in beginning a custom mobile app is the division in the market share. According to the latest research by The Verge, Android has a market share of about 81.3% and iOS accounts 17.5 of the worldwide market. This type of market division makes it tougher for businessmen as they require to know the direction of the conversation towards various OS in the market and get a custom app as per the user preference.

The problem arises when businessmen understand the necessity for choosing a clone of the iOS app for the Android platform. As both platforms have their unique interface, it is necessary to keep several things to remember to assure that the structure of the app stays whole while changing the iOS app into Android.

Android is known for its flexibility. You can cover more purposes as per the market requirement and change it later. Google Play store also continues seamless help by instantly launching the app in the marketplace once the growth of the Android app to iOS is developed.

The idea of using a single platform for creating Android and iOS apps are gone. Nowadays almost everyone is focused on the iOS/ Android app development or both. Android is the key player with a lion share of the market with iOS a running idea behind.

Though, you still have a programming language to assist you, that allows you to change iOS app vs Android app through Android SDK and SDK framework. Both these SDK platforms are different with several guidelines and properties.

Let's see why you should convert iOS app to Android:

Targeting User

The market share for each OS showcases the several users it posses in each place. The Android has important shares in Europe nations, China, Brazil, India, Mexico, and South Korea. Though, iOS leads in Australia, US, and Canada. So, Companies with a mobile app for both platform could rise their users in manifolds.

Revenue Development

Also though your audience is adhering to a special platform, you could boost your incomes by porting your application. Also, you get to help and reach a much larger target audience.

Competitive Advantage

If most of your competitors are focused on generating a mobile app for a particular platform, you should disclose the exception by attempting into both platforms together to enjoy a wider audience and more important share in the market.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Quality analysis is important, the more you know about the user behavior, the better your possibilities are to get the product set for the market. Ultimately, everything gets down to the idea where the businesses should utilize the opportunities to improve their target user, enhance income.

These were the main situations you could obtain way by changing the iPhone app to Android or vice-versa.

Tips to convert iOS App to Android App

You have to understand that there are no such services for converting iOS apps to Android on the web. To achieve an excellent final product, you should consult with a reputed mobile app development company with Smart developers and testers to convert the iOS app to Android as they have expertise in this field.

It is a common approach that, in platforms which practice various programming languages, coders require to just 'make an analysis of' one into another. But, that is not true. A development to Android demands a development method.

Furthermore, designers require to study the performance of a Java coding language which flags after the Objective-C when connected. So an application must be tailored to the goal of users to combine smoothly.

The designers going on the conversion of the iPhone app to Android will furthermore take time to get used with the communication of the server. This is so Android-based solutions utilize XML technology for data sharing whereas iOS favors JSON.

Application fragmentation is by all accounts an easy method, but not fast. The term of transforming an iOS app to Android depends upon the type of an app or project that you require to convert and the devices to be agreeable with.

Furthermore, the Android SDK update supports 20 various resolutions taking into the record the nature of Android-based devices in the market. Therefore, at the time converting from Android app to iOS, developers require to explain many app versions on Android to secure that the app works excellent in every release.

Important Factors to Consider during iOS to Android app Conversion

Below are some essential factors that need to be considered during iOS to Android app Conversion:

App Architecture

Every Platform is different from others in app architecture and functionality. Functions that can be executed in one OS with built-in tools won't available in the last. This covers features including menus, navigation, file management, compatibility, notification of other apps in the

Smart Phone device etc...

Design Features

Design plays a key role in the app success(Both Android and iOS). When UI is regarded, these Platforms are from two worlds. This applies to the shape, size and the app idea in common. Apple uses flat design, where Android is more about Material Design idea. For example, have a look into the design of the share icon in both Android and iOS.

Codes and Components

We cannot recompile an app written in Objective/Swift for iOS to Android Platform. You should code it from the beginning especially when it comes to the server side. In fact, you are fragmenting from iOS to Android, you may need more time for fragmenting than for developing an app as of the elegance in the fragmentation of Android OS.

Supported Devices

In contrast to the iPhone, the worldwide market provides thousands of mobile phone models powered below the Android platform. It is difficult to optimize your app for all of them. We have an option that is to make a list of the most known device available in the market and optimize your app accordingly.

Optimization and Troubleshooting

While converting Android app to iOS app, I.e., fragmenting from one platform to another, you should ensure that the source app doesn't have any failures or connectivity problems. You can furthermore hold the app porting means as an opportunity to individually optimize for better performance, lesser battery usage, etc…

Converting an iOS app to Android is a daunting task, but you could serve from such conversions and other good results. You could obtain access to a new market by fragmenting from iOS to Android platform providing both risks and excellent opportunities.

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