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Tips To Make Your Wordpress Website More Secure

Security is one of the key concerns when it comes to WordPress Website Development. As a WordPress site owner, it is your duty to preserve your site from hackers and other protection attacks. No doubt, WordPress is a power-packed CMS platform that comes with a ton of themes, plugins and out-of-the-box capabilities, but you can’t change the fact that it is one of the most hacked CMS platforms across the web.

Whether you are a WordPress fresher or an expert webmaster, ensure that you use the best methods to Secure WordPress site in order to stop your site against hackers. You should confirm the login page, admin page of your site to restrain hacker from earning way to your site. You can also introduce the best security plugins and tools offered by WordPress to get the most of it fast and effectively.

Moreover, WordPress provides you some of the helpful security tips/tricks that will manage your site secure and protected to a comprehensive range. Below are some of the best methods that every WordPress developer should consider to Secure WordPress site. These tips will help to save your website from hackers in 2019.

Encouraging the WordPress Login Page

Avoid using “admin” as your username

Sadly, the login page of a WordPress site is one of the primary targets for hackers. They attempt to get access to the site by imagining the login information (username and password) over and over again. So, ensure you don’t utilize the default username for your WordPress site – this will easier for the hackers to get into your login page directly. Already if you've installed WordPress using the default username, you can directly edit it by putting an SQL query in PHPMyAdmin. Also, assure that you use something different and tough-to-crack username for your website.

Create a Powerful Password

No matter how individual your username is, if your password is vulnerable, a hacker can quickly get access and damage your site’s online visibility.

To add this special part, you should use a different username along with the powerful password. Also, ensure your password is a blend of different characters (such as sMtM187@14) and it should be a minimum 10 to 15 characters long. You can also use the Strong Password Generator if you are confused in choosing the most strong password for your WordPress site. Make sure to change your password at frequent periods. This will boost your WordPress login page to a large area keeping the hackers away and Secure WordPress site.

Two-Factor Authentication Login

Executing two-factor authentication (2FA) for logging in is one of the easiest but most powerful methods of blocking brute force attacks. The way they work is that they continue an added layer of login security by asking additional proof of ID, such as a secret question or a mobile generated code.

WP Google Authentication plugin is an outstanding model of a 2FA plugin that can simply be connected to ensure your site’s login.

Customize your login URL

It is suitable to modify the URL address of your login page if you need to defend your site from hackers. By default, the WordPress login page can be viewed into wp-login.php, which anyone can view in the central URL of a site.

This will be very easy for hackers to enter your login page and try to brute force to get way to the site. Hence, it becomes important for you to customize your login URL and make it more strong and durable. You can generate a custom URL like "my_custom_login", Or can install the iThemes such as Security plugin which can automatically modify your login URLs.

Update to HTTPS

Make sure to switch your WordPress site to HTTPS in order to Secure WordPress site from hackers and other security attacks. HTTPS encrypts the link between your web server and web browser, that helps to keep the hacker away when you are transporting the data from one server to the other.

Apart from this, it can secure your site from unpredictable hidden scripts ready on your computer system, and a text that is used to remove data from login forms. Moreover, WordPress has made it necessary to have HTTPS in WordPress Website Development if they want to get better ranking on Google search results – this is a great boost for your brand awareness.

Secure WP-admin directory

Protection of the WP-admin directory is one of the main methods when it comes to Secure WordPress site. Because the admin dashboard is one of the targeted parts of a site for hackers, don’t overlook to increase its security.

To assure the protection of your admin panel, you can practice a password to preserve the WP-admin directory. Under this approach, a WordPress developer has to offer two separate passwords if he/she needs to access their dashboard. One password is assigned to the login page, where the other is for the WordPress admin area. This is an excellent method to preserve the admin panel of a WordPress site.

Install a WordPress Security Plugin

It’s a time-consuming activity to always check your website security for malware and except you constantly modernize your coding knowledge methods you may not also understand you’re seeing at a bit of malware signed into the code. Fortunately, other’s have understood that everyone is not a developer and have set out WordPress security plugins to support. A security plugin needs to care your site protection, malware scans and observes your site 24/7 to always check what is occurring on your site. is one of the best WordPress security plugins. They provide security venture auditing, remote malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, blacklist monitoring, powerful security setting, post-hack security activities, security notifications, and also website firewall.

Use a Powerful Password

Passwords are a very essential component of Secure WordPress site and sadly usually ignored. If you are practicing a common password i.e. ‘123456, abc123, password’, you require to now modify your password. While this password may be simple to remember it is also very simple to guess. An excellent user can simply crack your password and get in without much trouble.

It’s essential you practice a difficult password, or quite yet, one that is auto-generated with a kind of numbers, senseless letter successions and unique characters.

Install SSL Certificate

Nowadays Particular Sockets Layer, SSL, is useful for all sorts of websites. Initially, SSL was required in order to create a site secure for particular transactions, like to rule payments. Now, though, Google has realized its value and gives sites with an SSL certificate a further weighted place within its research results.

SSL is necessary for any sites that treat sensitive information, i.e. passwords, or credit card details. Without an SSL certificate, all of the data in the user’s web browser and your web server are released in open text. This can be interesting by hackers. By practicing an SSL, the delicate information is encrypted before it is given between their browser and your server, making it tougher to know and making your site more Secure WordPress site.


One of the vital parts of a website is to Secure WordPress Site. If you don’t keep your WordPress security, hackers can simply attack your site. Keeping your website protection isn’t hard and can be done without paying money. Some of these solutions are for superior users but if you have any questions you can hire WordPress Development Company.

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