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Tobacco addiction and issues created because of it

Tobacco addiction is a chronic disease with frequent relapses that make it difficult to stop its use despite the damage it causes to health and, like any addiction, does not respect age, sex, social status or religion.

Tobacco contains nicotine, a very addictive chemical. Addiction is characterized by the need to consume more and more tobacco, as well as physical and emotional discomfort when not smoked (abstinence).

What damage does smoking cause?

• Nicotine is one of the components of tobacco, however, it is not the only one, it contains more than 4 thousand chemical compounds that harm the health of the person who inadvertently breathes or breathes tobacco smoke.

• The lit cigar has an average temperature of 350o Celsius and when it is inhaled the temperature reaches up to 959o Celsius, this temperature causes damage to the mouth and respiratory tract creating inflammation and coughing.

• When smoking a full cigar, up to 10 million particles are inhaled, most of them toxic, irritating and causing cancer.

In a tobacco, there are more than 50 compounds that can cause cancer.

• Smoking increases up to 54 times the probability of developing diabetes and up to 90 times the risk of developing lung cancer.

• Tobacco increases the risk of heart attacks, damage to the arteries and increased risk of cerebral infarction.

• The consumption of stuff is related to cancer of the trachea, bronchi, lung and almost all cancers in man.

• In men, it causes erectile dysfunction

• In women, it is related to breast cancer and cervical cancer.

• In young people, it causes damage to the skin cells, which causes the skin to look pale, dry and wrinkled.

• In pregnant women, it can cause abortion, premature delivery or low weight in the product and at the time of its birth, in addition, it advances the menopause at younger ages.

What can I do to stop smoking?

Most people think they can stop smoking when they decide, however, we know that most smokers have difficulty stopping smoking.

Vaping is good alternative to stop the smoking. As there is no side effect of vaping. Visit the site to know more how vaping help in stop smoking.

It is important to understand that tobacco being an addiction is a disease that affects the brain, since it gets used to nicotine and when it is not smoked, the individual feels a lot of physical and emotional discomfort as; restlessness, irritability, deconcentration, sadness, impatience among others.

This type of symptoms occurs when you do not smoke, that is when there is abstinence, which indicates that the brain is already used to receiving nicotine and needs it so that this physical and emotional discomfort does not occur.

Like any disease, smoking requires treatment to help smokers to stop smoking, without presenting this discomfort produced by abstinence.

Is there a solution to this disease?

The treatment to stop smoking is divided into two:

Behavioural Cognitive Therapy: it is a method where you learn skills to avoid using tobacco

• Pharmacological therapy: it consists of a pharmacological treatment that avoids the withdrawal syndrome and controls the craving for smoking.

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