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Netgear WN3000RPv1 Extender Setup: Everything you Need to Know

A WiFi repeater, signal booster, or extender, you can name it accordingly. This smart device comes with a wall- plug design that makes it easier to place and boost up the power of your existing WiFi signals. With the high-range of Netgear WN30000RPv2 extender, you can walk around in any nook and cranny corner of your house without feeling the dead spots and blind zones. In this article, we will guide you on how to setup Netgear WiFi extender in a few easy steps.

Let’s begin with quick and easy steps of Netgear extender setup and installation.

To make all the wired and wireless devices in your home to be connected to an active WiFi network 24x7 and work properly, you need to connect them with your Netgear range extender.

So to start with the Netgear WiFi extender setup process, you have to keep this in mind that the Netgear range extender and your key/main WiFi router should be kept in the range of each other.

Netgear extender setup and installation can be done easily in two different ways:

1. WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup).

2. Netgear Genie smart setup wizard.

Connecting the Netgear WN3000RPV1 WiFi extender using WiFi-Protected Setup:

The WiFi-Protected Setup (WPS) lets you get connected with other devices that support the WPS feature without any need of username and password.

1. Plug-in your Netgear WN3000RPV1 range extender into a wall socket.

2. Wait for 3-4 minutes for the LED light on WN3000RPV1 to become solid green.

3. As soon as the LED light on your range extender turns solid green, push the WPS button on it once.

4. Wait for a few minutes after the WPS lights become stable on your range extender.

5. After that, push the WPS button on your main router as well and wait for a couple of minutes.

6. Within a minute, you will see that the Rate Link light LED will glow upon the Netgear range Extender device.

This indicates that the Netgear WiFi extender setup using WPS is successfully completed.

Note: Now, your Netgear range extender will have the extension name that is added to the existing name of the WiFi network.

For instance, New network name: HomeNet_EXT and Existing Network: HomeNet.

Connecting using Netgear Genie setup Wizard:

Netgear Genie setup wizard is a very useful method if your existing WiFi router doesn’t support the WPS feature.

1. Plug-in Netgear WN3000RPV1 extender. Turn it on.

2. Now, for the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard to work, your computer or laptop should be connected to the WN3000RPV1 extender wired or wirelessly.

3. Once your device is connected successfully to the range extender, open up a web browser.

4. The web browser will directly take you to the Netgear Genie Setup page. And, if it doesn't then you can type in the address bar – hit enter and access the Genie setup page via login page.

5. The display page will ask you if you want to take help from the 'Setup Wizard or configure the settings manually. Once done, click on 'YES'.

You will be now asked different questions like:

1. Selection of your main WiFi network.

2. Changing of the password/passphrase or security key.

3. Any changes in settings.

4. Also, you can make the necessary/important changes if you want to select 'use the same security mode and password as those for the existing network' (without quotes) option.

5. In the next step, select your home network name (SSID) and click on Continue.

Everything is good to go. Finally, click on the finish button and complete the new extender setup process.

If you have any query on how to setup Netgear WiFi extender, then dial our toll-free number 1-888-961-4011 or write to us at and ask for Netgear extender support.

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