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Online Safety Tips For Your Blog

While blogging can help you earn extra income and social media accolades, bloggers face cyber attacks. Here are some valuable online safety tips for your blog.

Writing, publishing, and running a blog is a great way to share your opinions with others and to reach out to readers around the world. For the lucky few writers out there, blogging can also provide a vital source of income, even turning into bigger opportunities if your blog takes off. Some bloggers have landed book deals, movie options, and international stardom based on their wry and witty observations.

However, there are some very real threats to bloggers, as hackers have targeted bloggers in the past in vicious cyber-attacks. You could lose everything you have ever published on your blog, or you could even wind up with your vital personal information getting into the wrong hands. If you want to keep your writing, your blog, and your important info safe and secure, follow these simple online safety tips.

1. Make sure that your connection is safe and secure

As a blogger, you might not realize just how important it is for you to keep your network and connection secure. In order to protect your personal data from malicious cyber attacks, you need to look out for viruses and malware. Infections and attacks on blog design platforms such as WordPress and SquareSpace are increasing, and so you must invest in a VPN service and anti-malware software.

2. Keep an eye on your comment section

As your blog becomes more and more popular, readers will start to interact with one another in your comment section. Watch out for fake accounts leaving fraudulent links to phishing sites and other scams, and moderate them on a regular basis so that you and your readers don’t become targets.

3. Regularly update your blog platform software

Most bloggers use a blogging design platform such as WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace to publish their content. The content management systems and blog add-ons found on most of these platforms are imbued with scripts and algorithms that need to be updated on a regular basis. You should constantly update this software, and perform any and all security updates you are prompted to do.

4. Always make back-up copies of your data

Ideally, your blog will be safe from cyber attacks, but anything can happen on the world wide web. No matter how up to date and strong your online security software, your data could be compromised by an attack. That is why it is so important to regularly back up and make copies of your writing, photos, and online data.

Back up your blog’s content on an online database, and store a full back-up on an external hard drive.

5. Keep abreast of new threats and viruses

New cybersecurity threats pop up on a daily basis! In order to keep your blog safe and secure, it pays to stay informed about cybersecurity, new threats, and online safety in general. There is plenty of valuable information available online, and you can learn about current threats and how to protect your blog content from attacks.

6. Look into your blog design and make sure that the scripting is done well

All blogging platforms rely on different web scripts in order to run tasks and publish content. These scripts, while useful, often include code that is capable of running itself, and it can wreak havoc on your blog if left out of control. To avoid these aberrant scripts, ensure that you are using a reliable blog design platform, or have a professional code and design a blog just for your needs.

7. Use a sophisticated verification system

If you want to deny hackers all access to your blog and its comment section, you should enact a strong verification or password system. This will allow you to utilize extra security measures that can keep even the most nefarious hackers at bay. A 2-factor authentication system is one of the best ways that you can protect your content, your readers, and yourself.

Stay safe, and happy blogging!

Blogging is a fun and creative way to share your observations and opinions, but bloggers do face security threats. However, as long as you install online security software, exercise caution, and stay up to date with new threats, you can charm your readers, build a community, and even earn extra income. Happy blogging!

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