7 Great Tips For Relieving Your Back Pain More Effectively

If you have suffered from back pain previously you know very well how hard it is to live with it. You were unable to carry out your daily activities just because you had an aching back. Well, though it is hard to get rid of back pain, you have presented you with some simple tips to fight it back.


When you have back pain, choose a firm mattress for sleeping. You may find comfort in sleeping on a soft mattress, but it is harmful to your back. Also, mattresses that are too firm can cause stiffness to your back muscles. So, when you choose a mattress for sleeping, make sure it is firm enough to give a good support to your back and not soft enough not to cause stiffness.


Make a habit of adopting good posture. Your spine gives support to the rest of the body. You need to maintain a good posture to keep your spine aligned. So, whenever you catch yourself in a bad posture, remember to rectify it.

Ideal chair

When you spend long hours sitting in a chair, make sure that chair is ideal for providing good support to your lower back. Try to use a good recliner chair for back pain.

People who sit for long hours often suffer from lower back pain. So, make sure you use a lumbar roll. When you sit, your feet should touch the floor.

Distribute the weight

When you are carrying a heavy a heavy bag, make sure you distribute the weight on both arms. When you plan to carry your laptop or school books, use a backpack instead of the bags that are carried on one shoulder. This way you will distribute the weight both side evenly.

Lifting heavy objects

When you are lifting heavy objects, make sure you use your knee for leverage. While lifting heavy objects go close to the object and bend at your knees. If required place one knee on the floor for more support. Don’t twist your back while turning. Instead turn the whole body.

Less iron, more garment steamer

When we get ready to iron the clothes, the table that we use must be relatively high, since we will have to adjust it to the height of our belly button. If we are going to perform the task standing, it is convenient to keep the foot up and resting on an object or a footrest. For obvious reasons we must alternate one foot after another after a few minutes.

Another healthy option is to remove the stress produced by the ironing board, you can use a good quality garment steamer instead or the best handheld garment steamer.

Clothes steamers are focused on making life easier in every way. They are much more powerful and make more efficient use of steam so that we spend less time ironing, and are also lighter and more ergonomic.

Feeding your baby

When you are breastfeeding your baby, you keep your body in an awkward position. It leads to constant back pain. So, make sure you have a comfortable pad to lean on while breastfeeding.

Pregnancy period

Pregnant women suffer from back pain at different time of their pregnancy periods. pregnant women may go through back pain due to the heavy load carried in the protruded abdomen. So, if you are pregnant and suffering from back pain, get a light back massage regularly. Also, change your sleeping position.

Try sleeping on your side

The best for you is to sleep on your left side. This is the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman because it enables nutrient supply to the fetus. If you feel back pain even after following these tips, you may seek advice from a medical professional. She/he may advise you the following remedies.

Practice yoga

Yoga increases flexibility replacing stiffness. Also, it increases blood flow to the back muscles.

In addition to learning how to breathe properly, you must take into account that the air in your place of residence must be free of contaminants and with the correct humidity. A very dry or very humid environment or an environment with too much dust, could deteriorate your health and aggravate your ailments, including back pain. We recommend using a good quality air purifier and dehumidifier all in one. You will find honest reviews there.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy is a very good option for the people suffering from back pain. You can use a heating pad wrapped in a towel to apply to the affected area.


If you are overweight, try to lose weight. Losing weight will lower the pressure on your spine. Your spine gives support to your entire body. So, losing weight will decrease the amount of pressure that will have to be endured by your spine.

Water therapy

It is good for lessening the pressure on your body. Keep yourself indulged in a pool if you are facing severe back pain.


People who take regular massage can only tell how relaxing it is to get a body massage. If you have an aching back, try taking massage once every week. It will increase the blood flow and make your body more flexible.

Visit a chiropractor

You must your chiropractor when you are experiencing mild pain so that it can’t get severe.


If you still fail after following all the tips, your doctor might recommend doing a back surgery. This is the last and final option. Suffering from back pain is common. You should think that you are not alone and must not go through depression while battling against back pain. There are tons of ways to deal with it. If one doesn’t work, another will. You must keep yourself determined.

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