Are Sportsbook Odds Fair

As gamblers participating in the sports-betting world we are very aware of the impact odds and lines have in our bets, but most of us tend to be oblivious to the total extent of their impact, and we take for granted that these are fair deals.

However, are sportsbooks odds and lines really fair?

Since dealing with independent bookies within this topic would be extremely complicated, let's just state that these tend to have either equal or less approachable deals than sportsbooks. Independent bookies are great because they pay in cash, give personalized service and keep a low profile, but when it comes to profits and gaining an advantage with odds and lines they are not the best option.

As for sportsbooks, these usually aren't as fair either.

If you choose to bet on a famous online sportsbook or a brick-and-mortar one, don't expect to get a great deal. These will be just as good or better than those offered by most independent bookies, but will be slightly overpriced in several cases.

Sportsbook odds tend to be defined by market psychology, but because there is a certain amount of money they can shift without influencing gamblers decision, they will push it to the limit to maximize profits and reduce loss.

This is obviously a business, and you can't expect unrealistic deals as they have obligations to continuously increase the value of the company and generate profits for owners, but most tend to push things more than needed.

On the other hand, you might find great deals on some online sportsbooks. Since these operate online there are less costs, and if you avoid brands that look to take advantage of their brand's reputation to charge more, you can find some very attractive deals. There are quite a few online sportsbooks that offer decent odds and lines, and you'll find even more attractive ones in here as we charge a reduced juice on bets.

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