Dry Fruits

Few Dry Fruits That Can Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Nuts are the ultimate health food. High in protein, rich in healthy fats, and low in simple carbohydrates, nuts stimulate your body to burn excess fat and shed extra pounds. Plus, they make an incredibly versatile addition to your diet. Nuts are an incredibly energy dense food, meaning that they pack a lot of nutrients into a relatively small size. Consider adding some nuts to your diet, whether you're looking to lose a few pounds or have recently lost weight and need to maintain it. Many varieties of nuts have been associated with weight loss. And numerous studies have shown that eating nuts may help prevent weight gain.

Some nuts perform better than others, but how you eat your nuts does make a difference. Dry fruits are a handy snack to stash in your purse, taste great atop a mixed salad, and can be added to your favorite smoothie recipe for a protein boost. But remember to keep calories in mind when selecting nuts to add to your diet. Avoid ones coated in salt, sugar, chocolate, honey or seasonings. Otherwise, you're turning this healthy fare into junk food. Instead, stick with dry-roasted or raw varieties. You can toast them in a pan or in the oven, without seasonings, if you like the toasted taste.

Here are some nuts you can add to your diet plan –

Almonds - Almonds are considered one of nature’s “superfoods” for their rich content of protein, antioxidants, and heart-healthy fats. This makes them an excellent addition to your weight loss diet. In fact, studies have shown that eating a diet high in almonds was associated with greater weight loss, decreased waist circumference, lower body fat, and reduced systolic blood pressure.

Cashews - Light in color and delicate in taste, cashews are an excellent source of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for regulating the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, which may help you lose weight. In addition to eating raw cashews, spreading cashew butter on whole-wheat toast is a great way to boost your consumption of these healthy nuts.

Walnuts - Like all nuts, walnuts are high in heart-healthy unsaturated fats. However, walnuts are unique in that they contain high levels of polyunsaturated fats. In studies conducted by experts, a walnut-rich diet was associated with greater weight loss, lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and higher levels of “good” HDL cholesterol.

Pistachios - The delicate green color and unique flavor of pistachios make them a favorite to toss into smoothies, to add to baked goods, or to simply eat as a snack. In a recent scientific study, a pistachio-rich diet was associated with significantly smaller waist size, a sign that participants on the high-pistachio diet dropped excess belly fat.

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