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Is a Solar Panel Battery Essential to Your Power System?

Solar power is recognized as the cleanest source of electricity. Not only does the power generated by harnessing the sun not contribute to pollution levels, it also reduces the dependence on electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. Anyone can set up a solar power system for their homes, It is applicable for apartments in building complexes as well as independent bungalows. All you need is a solar panel and a solar inverter. A solar panel battery is not always required, Let’s take a look.

Grid Connected Vs Off-Grid Systems

When you set up a solar power system, you have a choice between a grid connected and an off-grid system. A grid connected system is one where your home will maintain a connection with the main power grid. Excess power generated by your system will be shared with the grid in exchange for credits. At night or in the winter, when the solar panels don’t generated electricity, you can draw power from the main grid in exchange for the credits. An off-grid system is one that is completely independent of the main power grid. In this case, you need to be self-sufficient for times when the solar panels can’t generate electricity.

Batteries are required for off-grid systems. This is where the excess power generated by your inverters is stored for later use. The capacity of your battery determines the amount of time you can get power backup. However, no matter how many batteries you use, fulfilling your power needs in seasons where sunlight is limited may be difficult.

In the case of a grid-connected system, you don’t need a battery as excess power is shared with the grid. This makes the solar panel cost more affordable.

Can You Use a Solar Panel Battery for a Grid Connected System?

Though it is not required, you can add a battery to your grid-connected solar power system. The power stored in their battery acts as backup. Ina grid-connected system, technically, you have a continuous supply of electricity. During the day, you get power from the solar panels and at night, you can get power from the grid. However, there may be night when the main grid has a blackout. In this case, you too will be without electricity. Having a battery helps bridge these gaps and prevent such instances. The power within the battery will be used only when the main power grid has a breakdown. These types of systems are also known as hybrid systems.

Setting up a solar power system is easy. What’s more, once installed, it generates power with minimal need for maintenance. The initial costs of the components such as the solar panel battery may be slightly high but the system soon pays for itself. By negating your monthly electricity bills, you can save a lot of money. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re taking a step towards reducing pollution and making the environment around you cleaner without compromising on your convenience. So, are you ready to switch to solar power for your home?

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